Being an all-Ireland party has its downsides – Sinn Fein’s inconsistency on property taxes

Fine Gael TD Brian Hayes spoke at the North-South East West panel at the Alliance conference this afternoon. He spoke about the inconsistency of Sinn Fein’s positions in different parts of the island of Ireland. You can listen to his comments (should start at 8 min 36 secs):

And as the minister of state for the Department of Finance I’m interested in Northern Ireland’s household charges and property taxes. I understand your property tax works out at an average of about £1,200 per year. I think we’ve a lot to learn from Northern Ireland [delegates laugh] on how to establish and collect a tax [more laughs] and of course I cannot help but refer to Sinn Fein who accept a relatively large property tax in Northern Ireland but are against it in the Republic.