Orange Order trials new sponsored uniform?

Fanta promotion crew outside Victoria Square


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  • Drumlins Rock

    The futures Bright 🙂

  • Fanta – Say Ireland 🙂

  • SK

    “Brendan Maccionnaith might not let us walk, but he said nothing about rolling!”

  • ranger1640

    I wonder will they get Tangoed????

  • between the bridges

    ”a years supply if you get our photo on slugger”

  • A couple of suggestions from twitter …

    @LCPolitics: and people thought they would go straight back to terror plotting after being released from Guantanamo.

    @NInewsNOW: Sadly its only a FANTAsy

  • cynic2

    Parades Commission unveil their suggested design for OO Marchers Uniform which will not annoy Nationalists.

    Both sides then take offence

  • Charlie Sheens PR guru

    orange order would never go for this. It looks too sophisticated and tasteful.

  • cynic2

    Buckfast unveils new branding fior the Parades Season

  • ranger1640

    Introducing the sponsors boiler suits for the west Belfast festival. Blankets for the often offended.

    Boiler suits supplied by 2 of the Columbia 3.
    (They still can’t find the other bloke)

    Barry McElduff “do they come in green”? As an Institutional reflection of our identity.

  • Red Lion

    Orangefield Temperance

  • Drumlins Rock

    Orangemen prepare to go undercover at Irish Dancing Festival.

  • AnAverageGael

    The Orange Order realize its all just a sugar rush. . .

  • Oranged you glad that wearing these isn’t compulsory.

  • Red Lion

    This Victoria centre is complete shite, thank gordan for Castle Court

  • lover not a fighter

    The Orange order boards its very own Titanic !

  • Flash mob fiasco reveals low level of social media literacy in the Lodge

  • galloglaigh

    Quick, someone write KAT and FTP on our faces…

  • Fuck the Fanta, get the Tennent’s in.

    (Orange Order given £884,000 EU money)