Analysing government-media relations in NI

University of Ulster academics presented a paper on Tuesday which will interest local politicians, media and onlookers when it is published in a journal at a later date.

Power, trust and accountability: relationships between government communicators and journalists in Northern Ireland. (Charis Rice, Ian Somerville and John Wilson)

I spoke to Charis Rice at the close of this week’s Political Studies Association conference and she explained that she has been interviewing key department officials as well as key politicians to analyse how the government communicates with key journalists and on to through to the public.

This research also aims to point out areas where government/media/public communication relationships could be improved. Previous research into devolved communication has mainly centred around party-specific political communication and reporting of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Hard to imagine Jim Allister not being first in line to get his hands on the early analysis when it is published in a journal, or whenever Charis’ PhD hits the library shelves in a year or so. Stormont’s Executive Information Service may be queuing up behind him …

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  • “PhD Project: ‘.. how we might improve the process for all parties involved: government actors, political actors, journalists and the public.’

    No mention of the bloggers? 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s not clear Nev, but title of the research would suggest not. From my point of view The NIO are the only ones who’ve made overtures to me personally.

    I’ve had contact with senior guys at OFMdFM but it’s never gone further. We have no previliged access but Several of us do keep track across departments via their rss feeds.

    I’ve spoken to staff at the Assembly several times, and taken questions via Skype from a group of flaks in seminar at UU. But there’s not much of a relationship.

    They seem wary of dealing directly with anything unofficial, even though Slugger’s been around for almost ten years.

  • Mick Fealty

    I did this interview with Editorial Intelligence a few years back… relevant passage kicks in about 2mins…