UUP suspend David McNarry for 9 months #mcnarrygate

Earlier this morning when I wrote Tom Eliott wielding scissors at the opening of David McNarry's Saintfield Advice Centre Opening

Neither has David McNarry gone away. I’ll be very surprised if one Strangford MLA won’t be spending next week sitting in the leader’s office in UUP HQ figuring out how the party can limit the damage the other Strangford MLA could yet still do.

… I didn’t expect that David McNarry’s disciplinary action would be completed quite so quickly. UTV, BBC and others report

The MLA David McNarry has been suspended from the Ulster Unionist Party for nine months. The party wrote to Mr McNarry informing him of the decision on Thursday. He was due to attend a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday but did not for legal reasons.

Mr McNarry resigned as the UUP Stormont whip in January after party leader Tom Elliot demoted him from the deputy chair of the education committee.

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  • dwatch

    The suspension yesterday is no doubt to keep him from attending the AGM on Saturday. Another member could always bring him along as a guest.

  • carnmoney.guy

    Nothing surprises me in the UUP

    the next thing you’ll tell me is that John McCallister is single handedly delivering his own children…………

  • He could walk into the building and sit outside – nothing to stop him.

  • Butterknife – indeed it would give the press pack and any bloggers hanging around someone to talk to. I’m sure he could hold court for an hour or two …

  • Greenflag


    ‘Well if John McCallister can deliver the votes as well as he can deliver his son the UUP need look no further;)


    Congratulations all round for a job well done and thats not something you can say to any politician these days 😉

  • alex gray

    Shades of a Kangaroo Court here I think. Perhaps some will fill his name in on the ballot on Saturday feeling that they have no-one left to vote for – none of the above as far as Nesbitt and McCallsiter are concerned is what many feel. McNarry at least offered Ulster Unionism a big idea and a future and in this year of the Covenant centenary a real prospect of unionists working together. McCallister is offering them a badly thought out bad idea on opposition. Opposition without a partner on the nationalist side equals one party rule. Nesbitt is offering no ideas – just give me the power and leave the rest to me seems to be his mantra. Tara Mill’s comment when she heard Nesbitt’s policy offering says it all : “Is that it?” she said – unfortunately the written word can not conceal the tone of her voice when she said this. Leadership is about having a big idea that appeals to people who vote – and being pasionate about it. It is about vision. Wthout vision the people perish – in this case the UUP.

  • It would of course be “good television” but I sincerely hope for his own sake and indeed the UUP that David McNarry stays away.
    Yes, surrounded by TV cameras and reporters and a small retinue of his supporters and heckled by others would be a s triking image………but not in the best interests of the UUP, the candidates and McNarry himself.
    Now he might well feel there is nothing to lose …..but there is.
    He has lost.
    And quite possibly this is his last term as a MLA (by his own choice or future election) but the new leader does have a role to play in bringing McNarry and his supporters back into the fold.
    He does represent considerable but probably a dwindling minority of “unionist” thought.
    And he could end the Stormont term back in the Party.
    Those UUP members who feel that he has a point….or that he was hard done by (and certainly his TV appearances give the impression of a man who genuinely feels he has been mistreated) have a choice to make between McNarry and the UUP.
    Most will choose the UUP.
    If he is tempted to go to the meeting, I hope his best friend takes him aside and says “bad idea David”.

  • dwatch

    He has not gone away yet.

    “McNarry seeks legal advice over UUP suspension”


  • alex gray

    Has anybody noticed ? The new UUP Leader will be elected on the same day as the new Titanic Building opens. Same day, same fate ? And the next day ? The first full day Mr Nesbitt / Mr McCallister will be the new UUP Leader is April’s Fool’s Day. How appropriate.