Back to the eighties when *some* of us had another kind of dance fever…

You start this off thinking the introduction goes on too long, and then you spend the rest of it thinking it didn’t go on long enough… They say that if you remember the sixties you weren’t there… Well, hand on heart, I was there in the 80s, and I really, really don’t remember this… But YOU may know differently…

H/T John, and Popbitch

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  • Mark

    Who won ? My money would be on hairdresser Ronan Lowry of Belfast . Ronan had it all – the new romantic hair , the plus four strides and the moves . ” I know Karina that’s where I am , you send me there ” ……… Ah Mick , that’s a howl and has cheered me up no end . Brings back a few memories as the dreaded ” Slow set ” normally followed a set like that . ” Will your friend dance with my friend ” ….

    I wonder which dancer was British Intelligence ?

  • wee buns

    Yes very funny – Ronan Lowry hairdresser from Belfast had that extra jizzz.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Makes me glad to be from Tyrone, don’t think we had any entrants!

  • Alias

    Elvis Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker began his showbusiness career by managing a dancing chicken. Folks were amazed how the colonel had trained his chicken to start dancing whenever the colonel started to play a tune of his fiddle. It probably wasn’t much of a dance – probably just a sequence of semi-epileptic spasms in the manner of our dancers above – but it was entertaining enough to the punters to keep the colonel in laundered linen. It turned out that the colonel really hadn’t trained his chicken to dance at all. All he did was set his foot on a switch that applied heat to the floor of the chicken’s cage, with the poor chicken jumping like mad to keep its burning feet off the floor. Unlike the above, ahem, dancers, at least the chicken had a good excuse…

  • Mark

    Now I can’t get Pan’s People out of my head ……

  • Dec

    ‘Makes me glad to be from Tyrone, don’t think we had any entrants!’

    Eh? You must have missed contestant numbers 2, 6 & 12, DR.

  • carl marks

    Now I can’t get Pan’s People out of my head ……

    Ahhh pans people