Garry Lyons on Jim Stynes (and International Rules)

Sad occasion in Melbourne today in the ecumenical funeral of Dublin born Aussie Rules hero… Very moving for the most part, and in parts, not least this tribute from his old teammate Garry Lyons which includes a great story on an International Rules game a few years back in Croke Park… There was never any question where his loyalties lay, on the sporting field of battle at least…


  • keano10

    An incredible journey and an incredible life. To move to Australia at just 18 was a big step but what he acheived was amazing. His professional honours at Melbourne are but a small part of the huge contribution which Jim made to Australian society. To be afforded a State Funeral epitomises the love and respect which his adopted country held him in.

    Ultimately the tears that were in abundance today were for a guy who should have lived for a lot longer than his meagre 45 years.

  • abucs

    A 6 foot 7 hole in many people’s life to be sure. A great ambassador for Ireland.

    Have heard it mentioned a Melbourne Vs Dublin International Rules memorial game at Croke Park might be a further tribute to help people show their respect for the man.