25% have now paid their Household Charge…

That’s 1/4 of the population of the Republic stumping up for the 75% percent that haven’t. And more than a 5% jump in two days. Still not great, but it sounds a lot better than the one in five it was stuck at on Friday. RTE reports:

More than 395,000 payments have been processed, with a further 38,000 received by post but not yet inputted into the system. The numbers processed have increased by almost 32,000 since yesterday afternoon. The LGMA said 82% of those processed have been paid online.

And everyone but Phil Hogan is apologising for the government’s cock up (in not actually letting people know about the charge until almost the last minute). Today it was Lucinda Creighton’s turn:

Minister of State for Europe Lucinda Creighton has said it is quite clear that mistakes have been made in the handling of the Household Charge but the Government is determined to move ahead with it. Ms Creighton said there was a run of unfortunate events including the fact the printing company retained to distribute leaflets went out of business leaving people without information.

Gerry Adams asked (rhetorically, presumably) whether the government would pursue non payers as well as they haven’t pursued the bankers… You can get the official details on how to pay the Household Charge here

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