Peter, Martin, don’t worry he probably says that to all “the wee countries”…

Peter’s been mulling over the possibility of President Obama coming to Northern Ireland… Well, is feidir leis, of course… But our Secretary of State may have a better chance of getting his current Secretary of State (she’ll be stepping down for any next term) than the Prez himself…

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  • Pete Baker


    Well, there are only so many different ways to say, “What a.. erm.. lovely bowl…”

  • A great Danish contribution! How many clichés do you need to be a US President?

    Of course, all that Peter and Martin have to do is to persuade Barack that his (Scottish and/or Irish) McCurry ancestors were blacksmiths in the great Glens of Antrim!

  • wild turkey

    “How many clichés do you need to be a US President?”

    well Nevin, I reckon its about however many presidents/prime ministers are looking for a photo op in the oval office.

    that said, it is a great Danish op.

    could you imagine Obama welcoming Cameron to the white house with “our special relationship is based on britain persisting in trying to box heavyweight when it has been a bantam weight 1946” ?

    if there ever was a McCoy vs Hatfield US presidential election the Belfast Telegraph would go apeshit for the duration. come to think of it, given present US trends, McCoy v Hatfield ai’t that far fetched.

  • wild turkey, I blame Brian Cowen!

    “Former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen liked to use a phrase, punching above our weight. I don’t know what we are to do about this overly competitive streak in the modern Irish psyche.” .. Brian O’Hanlon

    “As the Taoiseach indicated, the Irish government punches above its weight on a whole host of critical issues.” .. Barack Obama

  • michael-mcivor

    Probably the best wee place to visit-come over for another Guinness-

    Obama also told Cameron that he would like to visit wee england again-but he did not know who there saint was-