#Budget2012: Is there actually very much Stormont can or wants to do?

Nice piece from last night’s Hearts and Minds by Julia Paul (“Don’t touch the things…”) which a number of experts… running from Newton’s verdict that they can take no big decisions in welfare and taxation… To Paddy Hillyard says that we pay £260 million for water and that if that was taken out of public expenditure that money could be released for schools and other public services…

And Newton Emerson says there has been a deal on the table to cut some of the Whitehall restrictions on spending for four years (since Peter Robinson was Finance Minister) but that so far none of our politicians are keen on the risks that involves

Even whilst some of them have been protesting to the contrary in another place

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  • cynic2

    Just imagine the discussion around the Executive table:

    FM “If I can call the meeting to order. May I draw members attention to the Agenda for today Thursday 22nd March”

    DFM “Point of order FM. My party has not yet agreed that this is Thursday nor were we put on notice that such a proposal wouldt be put before the Executive today.”

    Min of Education “Hear hear. You wont get that one past us”

    DFM ” May I suggest a short recess to allow discussions”

    Meeting adjourns.

    Hurried telephone call to Deep Thinker (DT) Connolly House.

    DFM “They have asked us to agree that it’s Thursday”

    DT “What are they up to”

    DFM “Im not sure they just sprung it on us.”

    DT “Is it some sort of Anniversary? – quick check the Calendar. Stall. Hold for time while we get our heads around this Marty. They must be up to something. Suggest that they pass on the point an d just proceed to the date without confirming agreement to the day of the week but only on the basis that nothing is finally agreed until everything is agreed. So let them go ahead on the assumption that we will agree it is the 23rd but subject to ratification”

  • DC

    The bunch up at Stormont knows how to charge an extra 5k.

  • Lionel Hutz

    It’s a pity this wasfollowed by allowing Wilson to run down the clock for 10 minutes talking about anything other than any idea he might have to mitigate against this.