Sinn Fein does not expect to win a border poll but would relish the opportunity for a public conversation…

UUC Journalism student David Thompson interviewed Derry based Sinn Fein MLA Martina Anderson yesterday and got some very interesting and candid thoughts about the party’s position on the kind of border poll Gerry Adams called for at Gulladuff last weekend…


  • Drumlins Rock

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    As for the topic, SF signed up to an agreement which states there can’t be a border poll untill there is evidence they will win it, if they want to throw the agreement out the window like that sure maybe that redrawing the border idea could be looked at again…

    Stupid idea I know, but the whole thing was a package, the foundation of which was no unity without consent, start tinkering with that and your undermining everything else.

  • Red Lion

    Sinn Fein might relish it but Sinn Fein have to understand that what they want doesnt have to actually automatically come to pass.

    There is no legitimacy for a border poll, and it would prove a stupid sideshow when our politicians should be putting all efforts into running NI properly and getting it to try and pay for itself a little better.

    But then maybe NI is getting a little too stable for Sinn Feins liking, and people are getting used to the staus quo, and liking it(those unicorns). Perhaps cranking up a bit of communal pressure and tribalism is exactly what Sinn Fein need at this time, hence ‘lets have a referendum debate and get back to some good old tribal squabbling with its lovely sectarian overtones’.

    Mainstream unionism is actually for the first time ever making reasonable sounding noises-cant have that can we Sinn Fein?? Lets try a new way to infuriate them with a ‘referendum debate’ and watch them sabotage themselves like we did ever soooo easily back in the days of the troubles

  • Mick Fealty

    Any one listen to the interview yet?

  • socaire

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  • Mick Fealty

    Nae bother Soc, oiche mhaith…

  • sdelaneys

    “Any one listen to the interview yet?” yes, dissidents can’t get elected; we will need a new constitution for a united Ireland (what a shocker), we won’t win a border poll, we might win a border poll, a border poll will tell us our support or, in other words, a border poll is all about ‘we’ of SF.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    Had a listen. Total waffle. Martina knows rightly there’s zero chance of a border poll happening in the near future and if it did happen they’d lose heavily. SF are acting like a spoilt toddler over this issue — they sign up for long-term partition by consent, then waste everyone’s time endlessly whinging about it.

    As yet another poll recently showed, a UI is on virtually no-one’s radar these days — people are concerned about real world issues — jobs, the economy, health, education, the kind of things that grown up politicans are supposed to deal with.

    But SF are in a bind — by working Stormont they’re merely facilitating complacent Nationalism, while scarcely irking Unionists at all any more. Their ministerial performances are at best mediocre — if the intention was to undermine NI from within, they’ve failed miserably, equally if the intention was to impress the southern electorate for possible future govt, there’s a distinct lack of applause.

    The constant wail of ‘but we WANT a UI’ sounds increasingly desperate given the reality on the ground. The grand peace strategy looks like an abject failure, if an admirable one.

  • ranger1640

    Sdelaneys your so right. One surely must feel for the poor shinner voter. The shinners are a but like the Strangford horse mussel they are a one trick pony. Us, me, united Ireland, it’s all their fault, Yakety Yak.

  • BluesJazz

    Here’s the odds:

    Martina, Gerry et al must be salivating at putting £50 to win £10.

  • tacapall

    Why then does everyone opposed to Sinn Fein then not call their bluff ? Dont lecture me about cost when you look at the 11% pay rise they dont want. Whats said in public and whats said in private are two different things and im sure those who believe in those Catholic Unicorns will be surprised.

  • Martina refers to dissident failure, Unionist tradition and influence and an all-island conversation.

    If she looked at Moyle Council results she’d see that Independents from the Republican family garnered 47% of the Republican first preferences and 2 of the 5 Republican seats.

    The bit about Unionist tradition and influence is from the same failed language of John Hume. Unionists in a UI would be a smaller percentage of the population than Nationalists in NI from the 1920s onwards.

    What’s stopping the all-island conversation? Surely a border poll would emphasise the two constitutional aspirations and would be counter-productive?

    Perhaps the SF request for a border poll is simply a reflection of the current unease within SF as its grip on the Republican family has continued to loosen.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Er, it’s not just about you, Martina.

    If a border poll was ever won it would be to a large extent despite SF not because of them.

  • Reader

    tacapall: Why then does everyone opposed to Sinn Fein then not call their bluff ?
    It’s not even a bluff. It’s quite clearly a windup. I see a party that thinks everything has become too damned quiet round here lately.

  • Coll Ciotach

    Sinn Fein want to pick a sham fight with Patterson. They know that there will not be a border poll called anytime soon. They know this because they agreed this. It is in black and white. This is pure posturing in order to be seen to be doing something. The king is in danger of being seen as naked by nationalists, so attention has to be diverted away from the lack of clothing. No more freedom by 2016. Garry’s Church of the Latter Day Republicans will prophesise when the promised land will be attained but they know it is waffle to keep the masses happy.

    If they want to pick a fight the ideal battle ground would be on the ability of an Englishman to consign a Irishwoman to permanent incarceration. But they will not pick that fight. Not after someone had the temerity to challenge them in public, on the Road, – will they?