Republicans thinking about being courageous in reconciliation (unionists say tell us when you’ve made your mind up)…

Some excitement over an article in An Phoblacht (you have to buy the print version to see the whole thing)…

“Reconciliation means being willing to have uncomfortable conversations,” the senior Sinn Féin figure warns, adding:
“A deep suspicion remains within unionist communities towards republicans due to the legacy of the armed struggle. Real hurt exists on all sides.”

Declan Kearney tells An Phoblacht readers:

“This is a time for republicans to free up our thinking, to carefully explore the potential for taking new and considered initiatives in the interests of reconciliation.”

It’s not getting much play from their partners in government, the DUP. Jeffrey Donaldson:

There is no doubt that creating a better society in Northern Ireland poses challenges to everyone and it requires brave leadership from those in positions of political responsibility. Whilst unionism has been willing to assist in moving Northern Ireland forward, and the First Minister has demonstrated that through practical action, republicans must offer more than a newspaper article where they are still mulling over the possibility.

Such internal republican discussions may well be best kept behind closed doors, but undoubtedly they should also include recognition that their constant demands for the truth from others will be the standards against which Sinn Fein themselves are judged.

It is a simple fact that you cannot apologise for something when you won’t admit you were even actually involved in.”

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