#CATJRF: Community Asset Transfer: Live Blog

Okay, the first session won’t begin for about another hour. Not sure of the wifi capabilities of the venue, so I may be feeding this with content from Twitter, both my own and others on the hashtag #catjrf.

I’m hoping for quite a lively session. Not sure how many will be tweeting in the hall, but I’ll pushing out bits and pieces and Lisa will be taking notes for a summarising blog for tomorrow… If you have questions, the live blog is the place to post them. I’ll try to get them in with the relevant speakers.

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  • melegis

    it is a red herring to conflate community asset transfer with aspects of public sector cuts and Big Society.

    Most transfers are small scale and either keep an asset live for community use or bring back into use an unused or closed builing for community use. There is a much greater chance of job creation that job loss.

    Asset transfer can be a catlyst for change in communities, bringing local people to the fore and bringing real meaning to a long overused word “empowerment”. It is not about sacking the lollipop person and having someone volunterring to don the yellow coat the next day.