A dark day for Glasgow Celtic

And for the SPL.

This is the reality of the unsurprising news that Rangers are filing for bankruptcy.

What’s next for the Old Firm? And can Celtic survive in anything like their present – never mind past – status without an Old Firm?

The finances of professional soccer have been a farce for too long. Now what?

  • Much too early to say.
    Football is tribal.
    And Scottish football takes that too literally.
    And sophisticated Scottish people tend to think in a faux compromise that Celtic and Rangers are two sides of the one coin. Not so much compromise as splitting the difference……the really sophisticated Glaswegians pretend to support Clyde, Partick Thistle etc.

    But as the 120 days of the Liverpool saga has shown, Football should only be of interest from lunch time on Saturday until lunch time Monday.

    Today Man United fans went to school, college, factory or office with a spring in their step. Likewise supporters of Arsenal, Tottenham and the bitter blues from Manchester.
    Leeds (still popular with folks of a certain age) Liverpool and Chelsea had heads down today.
    Expect some sleggng.
    But to be honest after lunchtime on a Monday its time to move on.

    The Liverpool fans etc took 120 days to work that out.
    We can get tribal over off-sides and penalty claims but there was a toxic atmosphere that nearly destroyed the banter. Ironically Liverpool were the first club on the phone offering help to United in 1958.

    Rangers WONT go under. Yes they will probably get docked 10 points in a week or so. But thats good news for Celts.
    But they will survive more or less.
    Which is also good news for Celtic.
    It wouldnt be a disaster if Rangers went to the wall. B
    But even then theres a choice.
    Starting afresh at the bottom as FC United of Manchester and AFC Wimbledon, with a traditional outlook……or take the 10 points and still come secondin SPL and try and raise some funding.
    Of course they are a toxic brand…….which means that some aspects of their heritage will be dumped for the benefit of the money men.
    Which is good news for next season.

  • Keithbelfast

    Bayern Munich came to the aid of rivals Dortmund several years ago. Maybe the SPL’s green right arm, could help the blue left arm out of a pickle…


  • john

    Good idea keith the one problem is Celtic are not exactly loaded themselves

  • Alan N/Ards

    I would go as far and say that scottish football would be in serious trouble if one of the old firm go to the wall. These two clubs are are basically bankrolling the league. The vast majority of the other clubs depend on the old firm fans travelling in their thousands to boost their incomes. It’s a serious time for the whole league.

  • Republic of Connaught

    It would be a good day for Scotland if both clubs went out of business.

  • Mark

    Apparently the new chairman was trying to raise funds last week by borrowing monies against future ticket sales . Man United Fans will remember a Walter Mitty type called Michael Knighton who tried to buy United a few years ago with three hundred quid ( maybe a little bit more but you get my drift ) .

    Neil Lennon is a very happy man tonight as the pressure was on him to win that title this years and now it looks certain with the points deduction .

    Ally McCoist broke so many Celtic hearts when he played for Rangers and I’d imagine there’s one or two hundred thousand Celtic fans having a quiet smile to theselves tonight .

    So what happens next …… is there a Scottish Oil magnate waiting in the wings to swoop in and bail out the club or will Celtic be playing Liverpool , Arsenal etc in the coming years .

  • sliabhluachra

    Mark: Pre ticket sales were central to the GAA and Croke Park so lay off Rangers.
    And this ghould be about the Gers, the mighty teddy bears. WTF is there a lead about Celtic?

    Scottish football is a joke. Remember 67 when the greatest team of all swept Europe and all from spitting distance of Celtic Park.

    Celtic should get out of Scotland now that Rangers is folded. The only people who ever really believed in the Old Firm in recent years were the UFF and UVF. It is mostly Celtic that attracts the crowd to the circuses we call footbal matches. The Old Firm clashes were a cyncial money making ploy.

    It is time to bury Scottish football. It is not viable and nor is Irish (32 co) football. God be with the great League of Irleand teams of the 1960s and 1970s.

    The English (Championship) ould do with one new member. Osise Rules did something similar.
    Destroy Rangers so that it may be reborn.
    DittoLiverpool and Everton. Two once conjoined teams with undr capacity stadius with the capacity to build a new one on the space between then.

    As a traditional Holy Goalie Catholic, I could no longer muster interest in the Old Firm and though the Provies will be dancing on their graves tonight, I have something more excisting to watch. Paint drying.

    So gents, let’s give a bit two fingers, one each, to the Old Firm. Old Form, mo toin.

  • I cant actually see a Fergus McCann figure emerge.
    Both brands are a bit toxic……one probably more than the other.
    Any “white knight” would have to make efforts to deal with the legacy.

    The notion that Rangers is too big to fail is complacency.
    Probably someone will say that Rangers is too much a feature of Scottish society to be “allowed” to fail. But it has often represented so much negative in Scottish society that really only its own fans will mourn its passing..

    Some might say the same for Celtic……….but Celtic are not in trouble.

  • andnowwhat

    I heard talk today of them forming a team called Glasgow Rangers FC. I’m not in to spideball but apparently it’s a transition to keep the Rangers brand alive should the worst happen.

    The guy who mentioned this was talking about financing the new version with investment from fans. Would the money be there?

    You guys would understand the significance better than I

  • Mark

    Sliabh ,

    Just making the point that this guy has the Arthur Daleys about him . He promised McCoist money and then goes and sells their most priceless asset ( to Everton lol ) in last week’s transfer market . In Rangers go bang , it just doesn’t affect football in Scotland it affects the income generated by the old firm fans travelling all over Scotland supporting their team .

  • Mark

    Having thought about it , there;s always some fool who thinks the football industry is similar to other industries when it comes to making a quick buck .

    There was a guy who bought Crystal palace a fews back who was just a fan but had made a fortune in mobile phones . He lost 30 nillion in the first season and they went down . Mind you Terry Venables was the manager and according to the rumours , Venables wrote his own contact ….

  • Mick Fealty

    The club is going nowhere. A tough few years ahead, but the HMRC is key to what happen next. £75 million to find is a shocking amount of money. Pat Nevin former CEO of Motherwell who went through this reckons administration is a good business move.

  • FuturePhysicist

    You’re right the club is going nowhere Mick, with a ten point penalty Rangers drop from second to erm… second.

  • BluesJazz

    Hearts are next, and there will be others. The SPL will quickly descend to Irish league status.
    Where does that leave the fans?

    Probably over to England, where they’ve been going anyway. To Leeds, manchester, Liverpool, London.

    Luis Suarez was the biggest event of the weekend, Whitney notwithstanding. A brilliant player of Suarez standing would not go near a Scottish club, where 20 years ago they might have, there’s the problem.

  • Fifteen years ago Rangers was paying “Premiership” wages to come first or second in the Scottish League and get entry into Europe.
    They were massively over-paying their players………..those kind of wages can only be justified f you are playing Celtic, Real Madrid or AC Milan every week.
    Not justified when playing St Mirren, Kilmarnock and Dunfermline Athletic.
    Nowadays Celtic and Rangers can pay 20% of the wages they used to pay…………and STILL come first and second in Scotland.
    Europe is more of a problem but clearly the clubs need to cut their cloth accordingly.

    I would expect that Celtic and reconstituted Rangers will now start talking about playing in England.

  • BluesJazz

    England doesn’t want them, and it would take at least 10 /15 years if they did.
    Leave them to flounder in their dried up mud lake.

    Only the ‘British’ League now matters, as it includes Swansea and Cardiff.

    The former Celtic fans can opt for Liverpool and the former Rangers fans for Chelsea, Everton or Blackpool.

    Former Hearts fans can choose from Villa, West Ham or Galway.

    Wolves always had the best kit anyway.

  • grandimarkey

    BluesJazz –

    “The SPL will quickly descend to Irish league status.
    Where does that leave the fans? Probably over to England”

    I would have to disagree. I live in Glasgow, Rangers and Celtic are in the blood of Glaswegians, the standard of the football won’t stop the city from going to the games every weekend or spending money on merchandise. I can’t see ol’ Glesga, the largest city in Scotland, just ditching their football teams. It’s part of the city’s make-up.

    Rangers will return in one guise or another and the terrible beauty of the old firm will play out for another wee while yet.

    “The former Celtic fans can opt for Liverpool and the former Rangers fans for… Everton…”

    Doubt it….

  • Harry Flashman

    Hopefully this is a straw in the wind for football generally and the cold wind of recession hits clubs in England too.

    It amazes me how people can get all hot under the collar about bankers’ bonuses and City “fatcats” (those who aren’t subsidized by the taxpayer I stress) but who seem to be prefectly happy with the massive wealth being displayed in grim, post-Industrial cities in the north of England by quite ghastly young men of little talent.

    Could you ever picture dressing your child up in the colours of Goldman Sachs or HSBC and putting the names of the multimillionaire traders on their backs? Yet parents seem to have no problem contributing to the vast fortunes of sports businesses and their massively overpaid employees.

    The rest of the country has had to learn sense about too much debt and living within our means, it’s long-overdue that football was made to go the same way.

    No doubt after the demise of a few football brands, we’ll here the same old sob stories about how once great names in the British economy were left to die by the heartless Tories.

  • derrydave

    All those who talk of the club going nowhere, 10 point penalty and then move on etc are not fully appreciating the seriousness of the situation. Yes, a number of clubs have gone into administration and then come out the other side e.g. Motherwell, and Dundee, however in this case HMRC and the majority creditor and they will NOT in my opinion be agreeable to any CVA. If Rangers lose the tax case (and all indications are that they will) then I just cannot forsee any outcome which does not involve insolvency.
    Then things get really interesting – does Craic White still retain preferred creditor status ? Or has this passed to Ticketus ? Do Ticketus have a charge over Ibrox re the loan forwarded to Rangers ? Will Rangers Newco when formed be forced to start in the 3rd division ? Will they retain ownership of Ibrox and Murray Park ?
    The impact on Scottish Football (and Celtic) will be monumental. However one thing is for sure – Celtic will have a plan for all eventualities – they are a well-run and managed football club with some very heavy hitters on the board. Things may not work out just as we expected !!

  • DT123

    Those thinking that Celtic are going to head off to the Premiership if the fancy takes them are sadly deluded.Why on earth would the “lesser” Premiership teams vote to allow a huge potential rival for a place into their league.Lots to lose and absolutely nothing to gain.

  • Dec

    ‘The club is going nowhere. ‘

    They’ll be going to the Scottish third division if precedent is anything to go by (Motherwell went into administration before current SPL rules came into effect). The question is whether they’re entering administration because the cash has run out (players and staff haven’t been paid since Christmas) or they’re reading the leaves regarding the HRMC case.

  • DC


    Re HMRC, you would have thought it could have been more flexible in regards to paying the tax bill back but HMRC is going after every penny.

    What irony that a pro-British football club is about to be sunk by its very own tax office. Sad days indeed whenever you look at the State bending over backwards for banks and having to change EU state aid / competition rules so that the state could become the owner of private banks.

    Nice of the Government to move the goalposts for banks but not for other private companies.

  • derrydave

    DC – HMRC are going after every penny – and so they should. Rangers chose to spend money they didn’t have and to avoid paying their taxes (by using EBT’s for purposes for which they were not designed i.e. to pay salaries). Why on earth should HMRC be ‘flexible’ ??
    If you or I avoided paying our taxes do you think that HMRC would be ‘flexible’ ? No, it’d be simply pay up and quickly ! Same should apply to companies.
    Ibrox, Murray Park, and all the playing staff should be auctioned off to the highest bidders – preferable Tesco.
    At this point I probably should declare some slight bias here – hail hail !!

  • sliabhluachra

    Though it hard to resist to temptation to dance on Rangers’ grave, Rangers being the club of choice for sectarian killers, yes Rangers will survive as they have a huge fan base. But so too have West Ham and other very big clubs but they too are skint.
    The basic problem of British soccer (forget the Linfield lot) is this: With a few unrealistic mergers, Liverpool/Everton and Celtic/Rangers being the obvious ones, there is a case for available British league playing into a super Euro league. But that just accentuates today‘s trend where soccer serves only BSkyB and Adidas/Puma. Coventry have gone the other way, back to their fans.
    And Coventry show the problem as does the great Celtic team of 1967. These things should be local, not spin offs of Murdoch and Tevez. Before that Irish syndicate took over Sunderland for gain, the former local owner said in the good old days, the local multi millionaire would throw in a good few bob and they would give to Toon, the Boro etc a good run. But now it is Arab sheiks and shady Russians, back room deals kissing Fergusons posterior and more.
    It is probably good overall Rangers have gone as the SPL and all of Scottish football dies with it. How the Holy Father must be smiling. Maybe with the death of Hearts (how James Connolly must be smiling), some kind of sanity will return to all sport. Kick the money out and get people actually playing again.
    Why should any local support their local soccer team when there is nothing local about it? There must be Longfords in Britian where the local boozer gets more in to watch EPL than the local excuse for a tram get to their home games. They say Utd’s noisy neighbours, City, are the club of Mancunians. Maybe so but Bertie, the great Utd jet in fan, was no Mancs man.
    Fitzg: The Rabgers over paying problem is one common to almost all EPL clubs. The crazy fixtures tietabling is just to have the big 5 or 6 on all the time and squeeze out other sports.
    Personally, I think Suarez was right and Ferdinand, Evra and Sir Alex are all cnnts. I also think John Terry should be England captain and Capello should not have been undermined. But then I think Eastenders would be lost without Phil Mitchell and that Corrie is a great soapie but not as good as the soapie which is British soccer.

  • Unfortunately it doesnt work that way.
    If a self employed taxi driver owes £5,000 HMRC will go after him.
    If a major company employing lots of people owes £49 million cant or wont pay……there is little HMRC can do except accept the moneys that the Administrators pay over.

    I am reminded that the “Queen Mother” owed around £4million to her bank and a newspaper reported that.
    “if you owe £1,000 to a bank…youre in trouble………but if you owe £4 million to a bank…..the bank is in trouble”.

    No doubt in HMRC Compliance Units the Rangers case will be the subject of much debate. Could/Should the Revenue have moved earlier?

    HMRC is a creditor. As are other businesses around Glasgow. Its these people I feel sorry for.
    People are owed money…wont be fully paid……and there is a feeling that people have got away with it.
    For example Strathclyde Police want a guarantee that they will be paid……….Rangers are at home this weekend…….
    The alternative to no “polis” is that no safety certificate can be issued which would mean the match taking place in an empty Ibrox Stadium………when Rangers need the income. Actually they already HAVE the income in terms of season tickets.
    So presumably Inspector McKnacker will be paid.

    Controversially when Leeds United went into administration, its players and ex-players including I believe Robbie Fowler and Danny Mills were “preferred creditors” and entitled to every penny owed.
    I understand some players actually waived their full entitlement but some did not.
    But St Johns ambulance who provided support at Leeds were not so lucky.

    This is the type of story which is likely to emerge over the next few days.
    All very sad for Rangers fans of course.
    But Id have to declare the same interest as “DerryDave”.

  • sliabhluachra

    Derryddave: I think you are being an unreasonable and stupid cnnt.
    Do you know how British soccer works? Do you know who Rangers will have to pay and who will not get paid?

    Let me make it easy for you: the big losers wil be local businesses as they are last on the queue behind the Norman tasx collecgtoors and the soccer mafiosa.

    If you insist on being sectarian and stupid (they go together): many of Rangers’ creditors will be Celtic supporters.
    The Health mafia in Scotland are almost entirely Taigs/Arabs.

    The losers will be the ordinary Joe and the media moguls wil find some way of getitng money from rangers supporters in whatever form.

  • The intriguing thing about Hearts (club of choice of Alex Salmond) is that they appear to be sponsored by wonga.com (honestly!!) so getting a pay day loan should be a possibility.
    The problem with Rangers is that their high profile supporters like to keep a……..er….low profile. Midge Ure might have a few quid.
    On the other hand Celtics high profile fans seem rather pleased to be photographed as Celts.

    Just for the record the “Queen Mother” was not a Rangers fan…..she was an Arsenal fan and a big admirer of Dennis Compton.

  • sliabhluachra

    Fitzg: the same thing happened at Pompey with the local painters and Knights of M (RC Catholics in Glasgow) not getng paid.

    The FA woroe their own rules so all the overpaid prats get paid.

  • derrydave

    Sliabh – who’s an angry boy today ? It’s not me who’s leaving all these bills unpaid – don’t get mad at me.
    Won’t waste my time answering you in detail as I doubt you’ll be around long enough to read this response going by the content of your replies.

    Fitz, this case is very different to any other Administration which has happened in British football simply because of the fact that HMRC are by far the largest creditor. In my opinion they will NOT accept a CVA and will insist on liquidation of the clubs assets. Craig White is the preferred creditor to the tune of about GBP 18M, or at least he was – nobody can really answer what happened top the GBP 24M he got advanced from Ticketus – did he use this money to in effect pay this 18M back to himself ? Even if he is still the preferred creditor then Ibrox, Murray Park, and the Playing staff together will be valued at more than this 18M – does he have the funds to purchase all three to start a rangers newCo ? I doubt it – he seems a chancer with a history full of asset-stripping companies and closing them down. Once he’s got his money back HMRC will clean out what’s left to get as much as they can. A Rangers NewCo seems the only possible outcome (starting in Div 3).
    In truth there are too many unknowns at the moment – only one things for sure – the cost-cutting and likely redundancies (including players) will start first thing tomorrow morning.

  • derrydave

    One other point – as football fans we all assume that our clubs are of massive significance nationally, are very large companies, and are too big and important to go broke.
    In terms of turnover and employment provided however football clubs are relatively small insignificant businesses. Rangers’ turnover I believe is around GBP 45M per annum, and they probably employ a few hundred people at most – the vast majority (players aside obviously) either part-time or on minimum wage. The last factory I worked in in Ireland had a workforce of around 350 people, all on very good wages, with a turnover of around GBP 250M per annum. Therefore in financial terms (and this is how the taxman thinks) Rangers are insignificant even in comparison to this unknown factory in the arse end of Cavan.
    Rangers are not too big to fail – they are about to learn this the hard way i believe. Football clubs these days are horrendously run businesses (none more so than Rangers) and the chickens are coming home to roost !

  • Tome Boatrace at ye

    Actually it’s just a dark day for Rangers and so it should be….Cheats should never prosper.
    I don’t support either club however much of the mainstream media are reporting that Celtic winning the title is by default.
    By making this statement shouldn’t they also support Rangers previous title wins be investigated?

    These titles weren’t won on a financially sound footing so in essence it was cheating just like Juventus back in 2006.
    Rangers cheated the Scottish league and the FA just like Juve cheated Seira A and the league.
    Is influencing Italian football officials any worse that duping the HMRC and the rest of the league? They had players on their books that were owned by the HRMC and not the club.

    The ruling may dissolve the Sectarian element from Scottish football which is only good ,the only way forward is for Celtic to join the English Premiership leaving Rangers in the Doldrums until they can get themselves back to being a financial stable club.

    You got to feel sorry for the people who work at the club such as the kitchen staff etc.

  • andnowwhat

    Graham Souness seems to think they’re done and will have to form a new team.

    What league would this new team have to start in.

    BTW, it’s just my impression but it seems that the english got in tp Rangers 15 years ago or so and if that is right, how the hell did they get in to such a mess?

  • derrydave

    Word coming out now that Rangers have not actually paid across any VAT or PAYE to the tax-man since Craig White took over in May 2011. Total liability GBP9M – this is in addition to the possible ‘big tax hit’ of GBP 50M, and is the actual reason for them going into Administration today !!!
    This just get’s crazier and crazier ! Can see White being hit with Criminal Charges – it’s a criminal offense to keep operating whilst insolvent. What has Craig White been playing at ???

  • Tome Boatrace at ye

    To andnowwhat – Rangers could join the Irish League. Its not like they dont have a huge fanbase there!

  • Mark

    Boatrace makes a valid point re previous Rangers titles …the shit would really hit the fan ( in more ways than one ) if that happened . You could argue that Juve are a bigger club than Rangers and are held in much higher esteem . After all , they are regarded as the grand old lady of Italian football . I wonder how the Gers will be regarded from now on . The broke old hooker of Scotish football ? …….

  • The VAT/PAYE/NI has presumably been deducted from playes/office staff etc wages but not actually put into the relevant fund.
    In other words information shown on the payslips of employees (not all millionare footballers) are innaccurate and presumably this would have a negative effect on benefits due.

    It is tacky. Very very tacky.
    The extent to which a (British) tax gathering organisation can go after a Scottish victim (er Rangers) might even have political consequences.
    Has Alex Salmond spoken yet?
    The notion that Whyte has effectively appointed his chosen administrators is interesting.

  • sliabhluachra

    Actually Derry dave: You are best not replying as you don’t seem to know much about the finances of football.

    Rangers’ fall will have major knock on effects, unlike the Made in Cavan assembly factory. Sport is part of the leisure industry and that is where the money comes from.

    Rangers are not the first. There is Pompey, Leeds and many more. All had to pay fortunes in the hope of winning. Indeed, Leeds’ fall is probably more significant. However, there is only one team in Leeds which is why the shady boys are back in there.

    Then there is Notts Co, bought by a conman. But business wise, football is a con.

    Tome Boatrace. Nonsense. Rangers won those titles fair and square. Financially stupid ok but that is the way with almost all clubs. cf abpove re Leeds and Pompey. When Akan Sugar ran Spurs, thefans hated him for not blowing his wad on prima donnas.

    Without Rangers (or Celtic) Scotitsh football is doomed; outside of the SPL, attendances are minuscule.
    The Scots face a footballing decision with far reaching consequenes: they can eitehr return football to its roots (not a chance as we are a spectator, passive society now) or turn it into a McDonald’s franchise.

    The oldest “international” hot derby was England v Scotland and the Scots often rubbed the English’ nose in it. No more. The Scots have fallen a long way since the heady days of 1967.

    Maybe they should follow the FAI and hire mercenaries. Either way, it is doomed.
    I feel sorry for the genuine Rangers supporters as it is a major kick to them. But that is the future for all.

    As regards Celtic, the Micks’ team: that wil never be the team of choixe in Scotland as Scotland remains rabidly sectarian, with the Hearts’ chaps much blacker than the Gers.
    Maybe the Gers supporters wil weigh in behind another local club just like Belfast’s RC rabble did when Belfast Cwlsti folded or a la the Derry RCs with Derry/Finn Harps.

    Still, overall revenues, or what is left of them, will take a hammering

  • DC

    Re Division 3, not sure about this – I think all the clubs in the SPL would have to vote on whether to kick Rangers out of the league for going bust, i cant see that happening, other proposals might be made and agreed on among the clubs. It could happen but given the consequences for the league itself, i doubt it. It’s uncharted waters, i suppose Rangers could be kicked out to division 3 if the powers that be revoked its licence to operate in the SPL?

  • DC

    Come to think of it, they’d be better joining the English conference league and working up those leagues.

  • sliabhluachra

    DC: Celtic and Rangers, partners in crime, have tried to get out of Scotland many times but the others need them and will not let them go.
    Rangers, with even the 10 points deduction, are very comfortably in second place, showing just what a crock the SPL is.
    Rangers will be reconstituted and will be back. But back to do what. To play the equally insipid Celtic in Old Firm boxing matches that have long past their sell by date.
    Soccer is totally commercial. There should be one British (England, Scotland, Wales) system with say three divisions: BPL, BCL, British Div 1 and the rest going to regional areas: Highlands,. Borders (both sides) N Conference etc with the minnows having a knick out or whatever to get into Div 1 before they are again relegated .
    Of course, all sporting bodies are run by anti democrats, the GAA being the exception etc
    Most English clubs veer on bankruptcy.
    What about Portsmouth FC? Catchment area of 400,000, good home support, “friendly” pitch, good firm for aggro. Just one more broken team and community. Pompey has a recent history out of a French or other farce.

    It would be nice to get the views of Rangers supporters here, rather than the wanna be grave dancers.

  • DC

    I would be supportive of Rangers joining the English conference or entering the English league somewhere with a view to getting into the premiership. A massive long term project of course.

    It would be a bigger challenge than say being booted into scottish 3rd division or whatever but more rewarding in the end.

    Culturally it makes more sense, Celtic – being the celts can have Scotland, Rangers move into English football?

  • DC

    If you are looking to get the views of Rangers supporters I guess the heading needs changed or a new post created?

  • sliabhluachra

    DC: The heading, like some of the posts, seems to be in bad taste and symptomatic of Catholic sectarianism.

    Celtic however does not need Scotland but Scotland needs Celtic as most Scots are black Prods with all the baggage that entails.

    Rangers cannot just go to England, they have tried for years with their MATES, Celtic, to get out of Scotland.

    Now listening to 5-live on this topic.,

    The way forward has been mentioned above. The EPL needs the crowds of Rangers and Celtic. But the fans of both clubs are out of touch. This is all about Rupert Murdoch and his mates.

  • DC

    Makes sense to join the English conference simply because they have no hope of automatically receiving entrance to the EPL.

  • Mark

    They may get into the championship in the unlikely event the big 2 move south . Stranger things have happened . Eamonn Dunphy ( fitz favorite broadcaster ) thought it was feasible for Wimbledom FC to relocate to Dublin a few years ago … ah the oul bertie bowl .

    Maybe Gorden Ramsey ( he did play a few games for them back in the day ) could form a syndicate with his chef mates and give a dig out . Mates rates for any future catering although I guess the Rangers directors will have get used to the likes of cocktail sausages and cheese on a stick …….

    I’ll have to stop now otherwise I’ll be talking about burning season tickets been thrown over the gates of Ibrox after Souness signed Mo Johnston .

    Maybe we might hear from a few rangers fans now ?? ………

  • Tome Boatrace at ye

    Sliabhluachra, what’s fair and square about winning league titles with players that don’t belong to you?
    Surely this type of player can be construed as being ineligible…..
    As for Alan Sugars Spurs ‘they didn’t win any league titles’ so it’s of no relevance.
    There is a certain thing call manageable debt that certain clubs adhere (Rangers obviously didn’t) to, but surely Celtic must contest these Championships’. I see there is a movement within the Celtic community on this ruling.
    Celtic were under great financial constraints but still managed to produce a team that could at least battle it out with Rangers for the league title however as we now know Rangers ‘Financial power’ give them the edge unfairly.
    There has to be consequences… For the future of football these titles must be taken from them not only as a punishment but as lesson!!
    Rangers should now take the necessary steps to becoming an Amateur club or Semi-Professional club. If they don’t then there is a possibility that they could become a laughing stock like Portsmouth and go into administration for a second time.
    They laughed when they won ‘league titles’ unfairly well now the joke is squarely on them.

  • Dont start me on Eamonn Dunphy!
    He actually thinks Manchester United sold him to lowly York City because Busby was afraid he would be a thorn in Uniteds side (eg Johnny Giles at Leeds).
    Number of first team games for United played by Eamonn Dunphy=NIL.
    Now you started me.

    Apparently Adam Ingram MP is a fan of Rangers. Surely there must be a few in Holyrood who would admit to it.

  • BluesJazz

    Well Swansea are in the Premier League and could well be joined by Cardiff next season. Berwick Rangers (how ironic) are a Scottish club playing in the English motherland.

    After all the fallout, a UK League is the only solution, though Glasgow Celtic can opt for the League of Ireland (or Wales)if they want.
    Heaps of clubs are going to the wall anyway, and only Manchester City can ever win the Premier League.

    Re: Suarez, best player in the world, he doesn’t need British football, it needs him. Though Real or Barca will probably take him in the summer.

  • Mark

    BluesJazz ,

    On the home brew tonight I see . Suarez is a cancer at Liverpool and there’s another club in Manchester . You know the one who wins everything all the time ……..

  • DC

    Also, Berwick Rangers play in the scottish 3rd division.

  • derrydave

    Sliabh, as someone who works in finance and has done all my career, I know plenty about the finances of football.
    As businesses, football clubs are vastly overvalued by their ‘customers’. As mentioned, Rangers are a small loss-making limited turnover company providing limited employment. Yes, their ‘customers’ spend money elsewhere (sports shops, local spend on matchdays, newspapers etc) which is indirectly linked to Rangers being in existance, however as you state this is all lwithin the leasure industry. Were Rangers to go out of existance tomorrow this spend would simply move to other areas / pursuits (initially at least I’d imagine the pub / off licence trade would increase substantially 🙂 Seriously though this spend would not be removed from the economy – it would simply be spent elsewhere or are you arguing that these people would instead simply become savers ?
    Whether you like it or not the manufacturing facility I refer to in the arse-end of Cavan is much more significant economically than Rangers Football Club. As part of the manufacturing industry and as an exporter it actually generates real income for the economy and and it’s failure would impact very significantly on the local economy in ways in which the failure of Rangers simply would not. 50%+ of the turnover of Rangers benefits about 20 people, the players. It is very obvious that it is you that does not understand the economics of football.
    One further point – Mick – surely stupidity at such a level as that shown in Sliabhs posts on this thread is in itself deserving of at least a yellow (hate to do a Mancini, but was genuinely surprised to wake up and still see Sliabh here.) I mean on this thread alone – ‘the only people who believe in the Old Firm’ being ‘the UVF and UFF’, random commments about Luis Suarez, me being referred to as an ‘unreasonable and stupid cnnt’, and ‘sectarian and stupid’ for having the gall to be happy at my clubs great rivals going broke, wierd refernces to the health mafia in Scotalnd all being ‘taigs / arabs’, ‘Celtic, the Micks team’ etc etc etc Seems ludicrous he’s not been binned by now particularly given the reasons others have been biined for in the past. I do believe he has previous also, though maybe you just have not seen his postings here yet.
    Stupidity on such a scale, whilst wierdly entertaining, only detracts from the serious points being made by others.

  • BluesJazz

    Evra was wrong and should say so. His abominable manager backed him up in typical fashion.

    That you think Suarez is a crap player displays how much you know about the game. Where did Uruguay (pop. 3million) end up in the world cup finals? And his Ajax record?

    Or does your MUFC prejudice just filter out the facts.

  • USA

    Rangers would be best to take the long term view and go into the English league, Celtic should join them. If they were allowed straight into the Championship the should jump at the opportunity.

    Rangers will continue to exist / operate in some form for a long time to come. And the Celtic fans should enjoy the fun while it lasts. Some Celtic fan somewhere will be glad he bet Celtic to win the treble.

  • DT123

    Rangers to England and Celtic to the League of Ireland. The SPL becomes competitive again (though poorer) .Everyone is in their spiritual home ,problem solved.

  • Mark

    BluesJazz ,

    At last ! a Rangers fan ……

    I never said suarez was a crap player …. I said he was a cancer at Liverpool which he is . Did you not see him pinch Evra’s skin at Ainfield ? He’s a racist and he’s been caught out . Antonio Valencia walked past him at halftime on saturday and Saurez waited until Valencia was a couple of yards ahead of him and he ( Saurez ) started to touch the back of his shoulder , then look at his hand trying to imply Valencia had spat at him …..have a look !

    Liverpool are welcome to a player like that and he certainly ticks all the boxes for Dalglish but then again so would Nick Griffin .

  • Tome Boatrace at ye

    USA, Rangers should go into the Premiership? Surely the premiership should be seen as a reward.
    Why Should Rangers be rewarded for being unable to control their debt and being financially unstable?
    This would make a mockery off everything. Do you understand why the country is in recession, because of greed and glory ‘enterprises’ like Rangers FC (the last three titles).

    Rangers should face the full consequences over their actions, as mentioned in my previous posts.
    The club should really start taking the steps to becoming a Semi-Professional club and Celtic should join the English Championship as a Reward for being able to work within their budget.
    We can revisit the situation in 10-15 years’ time and if Rangers are living within their means then the possibility of joining the English Prem may be a possibility.

    Derry Dave, Your post regarding the Manufacturing facility in Cavan hits the nail on the head.
    it obvious that some people would rather get into a sectarian tit-for tat than discuss the real problems surrounding Rangers FC. I don’t think it’s actually hit home to some posters to what is happening.

  • BluesJazz

    Away to gretna next season for Rangers 2012??

    Slap it right up them. Years of overspending, financial doping, cheating their way to trophies and success.

    ‘For every 5er Celtic spend we will spend 10’

    That worked out well, they did their best to bury us, in the end they buried themselves.




    I must say I’m astounded to read some of the comments from the First Minister Alex Salmond and other politicians in Scotland with regard to the furore surrounding Rangers and their financial debacle.

    It was even more astounding; but not surprising to hear Tory leader David Cameron giving his opinion; I wonder what his thoughts are on Portsmouth going into administration.

    Rewind the clock back to where Celtic were 45 minutes from going out of business, where the headlines were ‘RIP CELTIC’

    Rotten to the core.

  • redhugh78

    That misleading headline to this thread would be worthy of any Rangers loving tabloid in Scotland.
    The ones that dined with Murray on ‘succulent lamb’ dinners and ‘fine wines’ eagerly relaying Murrays ‘for every fiver Celtic spend we’ll spend a tenner’ propaganda.
    The ones who buried their heads in the sands when Celtic fans blogged all about how this day was on the horizon, but they dismissed it as timmy conspiracy theories.

    Well who’s laughing now?
    Rub it up them and pay your bloody taxes like the rest of us!
    burrrp…too much Jelly and Ice cream.