Advocate General to take up case for NI students going to Scots Universities?

Interesting snippet from across the water regarding the £9k fees students from Northern Ireland now have to pay if they want to follow what’s become for many a traditional route to graduation at Glasgow, Edinburgh, or St Andrews. Dundee even runs a fairly successful degree course in Northern Irish law.

The Rutherglen Reformer reports a spat in the House of Lords:

Peers from all sides angrily hit out at the “unfairness” of allowing Scottish students to study for free at universities north of the border, while those from the rest of the UK had to pay up to £9,000 a year.

Advocate General for Scotland Lord Wallace of Tankerness agreed to take up the issue with his ministerial colleagues, but he also warned that to challenge the Scottish Parliament’s policy risks undermining the principles of devolution.

Cross-party unrest over the imposition of tuition fees north of the border emerged during committee stage debate on the Scotland Bill, which hands further powers to the Scottish Parliament.