“this device may have been here for some considerable time, possibly many years…”

There’s good news, and there’s bad news, as a 36 hour security alert in Kinawley, County Fermanagh, ends with two controlled explosions by the British Army’s bomb disposal team and the removal of a viable device “for further forensic examination”.  From the BBC report

Police have said that a bomb found in a field in County Fermanagh may have been there for many years.

Army bomb experts carried out two controlled explosions on the device found by the Drumroosk Road in Kinawley.

It is understood the bomb find is not being linked to dissident republican activity.

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  • Mark

    Could it not have waited until the morning Pete , some interesting threads already up ,,,,,,,,

  • Pete Baker

    They’re still there, Mark…

  • Mark

    Fair enough …

  • Unexploded ordnance found in… erm… former… conflict… zone. Must write home to tell someone.

  • alan56

    ‘Not being linked to dissident republivan activity’… then who? The bomb surely was not over 10 years old.

  • tuatha

    Waiting with (un)bated breath for the truth of its origins.

  • Limerick

    It is not feasible that a bomb was planted for a terrorist attack and was then simply forgotten about. Do we know what sort of device it was?