“I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”

After dithering by the Londonderry branches, about being associated with the UK City of Culture, it’s now reported that the Ulster Council of Comhaltas have declined to support the city’s bid to host the All-Ireland Fleadh in 2013.  From the Derry Journal report

Moves to bring the 2013 All-Ireland Fleadh will now not proceed after the Ulster Council said it had security fears about bringing the event to the city.

The Ulster Council said it was with “deep regret and long consideration” that it had turned down the bid.

[So the “U.K. prefix” remains un-‘neutralised’? -Ed]  Pending appeal…

The BBC report has some reactions

The chairman of the Derry County Board, Brendan Molloy says he’s shocked by the decision.

He confirmed no members of the local branches attended the meeting, “I got a text on my phone to say sorry the bid didn’t go through this time.

“A statement was emailed to me from a Comhaltas employee. It did not come from a member of the Ulster Council.

“Up until a few days ago we were going to go to that meeting and had requested could the branch come to put the bid forward.

“We were told that was not necessary.

“I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”

The director general of Comhaltas Labhras O Murchu said there are questions over the validity of the decision to reject Derry’s bid to host the event.

He said he was surprised by the decision.

“At a previous meeting of the full Ulster Council a unanimous decision was made to support the Derry bid.

“Yesterday was not a full meeting. The seven people who met yesterday voted to overturn what the Ulster Council had already decided.

“Is that valid itself? We’re covered by a constitution and all units of Comhaltas must adhere to the rule.” he said.