“I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”

After dithering by the Londonderry branches, about being associated with the UK City of Culture, it’s now reported that the Ulster Council of Comhaltas have declined to support the city’s bid to host the All-Ireland Fleadh in 2013.  From the Derry Journal report

Moves to bring the 2013 All-Ireland Fleadh will now not proceed after the Ulster Council said it had security fears about bringing the event to the city.

The Ulster Council said it was with “deep regret and long consideration” that it had turned down the bid.

[So the “U.K. prefix” remains un-‘neutralised’? -Ed]  Pending appeal…

The BBC report has some reactions

The chairman of the Derry County Board, Brendan Molloy says he’s shocked by the decision.

He confirmed no members of the local branches attended the meeting, “I got a text on my phone to say sorry the bid didn’t go through this time.

“A statement was emailed to me from a Comhaltas employee. It did not come from a member of the Ulster Council.

“Up until a few days ago we were going to go to that meeting and had requested could the branch come to put the bid forward.

“We were told that was not necessary.

“I am shocked, totally and utterly shocked.”

The director general of Comhaltas Labhras O Murchu said there are questions over the validity of the decision to reject Derry’s bid to host the event.

He said he was surprised by the decision.

“At a previous meeting of the full Ulster Council a unanimous decision was made to support the Derry bid.

“Yesterday was not a full meeting. The seven people who met yesterday voted to overturn what the Ulster Council had already decided.

“Is that valid itself? We’re covered by a constitution and all units of Comhaltas must adhere to the rule.” he said.

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  • derrydave

    Terrible decision. Having witnessed what the Fleadh brought to Cavan Town over the last few years I have no doubt that the event would be a massive and spectacular success in Derry City. Hopefully something can be done to reverse the decision.

  • socaire

    Most fans of the native music , like most GAA fans, are apolitcal. There is little point in pretending that this is a political row. There is also little point in Ms Anderson et al. referring to the city/county as Derry . Their gunmen beat your gunmen and the winners have decided that it will be called Londonderry. And therefore an Irish festival like the Fleadh has little place in a British city. Apply again in 2014 if all you really want is to have it in the city and forget about the ‘unionist outreach’. For once keep your shabby politics out of Irish music and culture.

  • Little James

    I would have thought the Fleadh was about showcasing of the finest that Irish culture has to offer, not about how much it can bring to local shopkeepers and businesses in Derry. I cant imagine too many were amused by the overbearing and arrogant Martina Anderson has played in the whole affair.

  • derrydave

    Ignoring the politics of it. this is simply a terrible decision for the Fleadh and Comhaltas, as well as for Derry City. The Fleadh has been held in Cavan Town for the past two years – has anyone ever been in Cavan Town ? Overgrown village with terrible planning issues. Holding the Fleadh in Derry City would be a much better way of showcasing the best that traditional irish music has to offer – visitors and participants would be much better catered for, and the event would have a much higher profile. It sounds very much here that the Ulster Council are biting off their nose to spite their face. They should certaily be held to account by the wider membership.

  • sliabhluachra

    CCE are to be congratulated for standing up to the Provos and the Provos, in turn, are to be condemned for cynically trying to put CCE members and families in the way of bombs and bullets.
    The Provos bombed Derry shops. To say they now want to sacrifice CCE to those who add the half pence to the pence is a bit rich.
    CCE is about Irish music, about families enjoying the various elements of it, about pubs brimming with apolitical music. The Provos do not belong at such events, even though they make a point of attending them for vote and intelligence gathering reasons.

    Hopefully, thereistance will swell and the Provos will find themselves unwelcome at any Irish event. Let them enjoy the Apprentice Boys and maybe a friendly between Derry City and Sunderland, whose manager they have attacked in the past.

  • Neil

    I’d be shocked, totally and utterly shocked, if the events planned for Derry all go ahead without a hitch. I can understand the disappointment but maybe the organisers just have to concern themselves with the success of the event. How was traffic in Derry last Friday?

    One wonders how recent events are playing on the minds of other event organisers planning to visit Derry over the next couple of years.

  • Here’s a much more subdued response from Martina. There may still be another twist or two in this story.

  • “other event organisers planning to visit Derry”

    It doesn’t look good, Neil. I’ve already flagged up this in an earlier event:

    “Will this decision put the Féile Peile na nÓg during Derry~Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013 in jeopardy?

    and I’ve also mentioned the risk to the Derry~Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013 project itself.

  • “Here’s a much more subdued response from Martina.”

    >> Looks like she’s finally gotten the message. Expect a lot more progress on the issue now. I don’t think the Derry bid is dead just yet.

  • seamus60

    Martina and others will have to earn their normalisation of Derry as a UK city without rough riding over people who have no interest in entering a saga that she and her party have brought about, without feeling out the local population and those whose input appears to now be so valuable to her plans.
    As for the seven person council reaching this decision, fair play to them as the last seven person council we know well of, weren`t really that.

  • Just had a look at this, Ulick:

    Provincial Councils shall control and direct all activities of An Comhaltas within the province with the exception of Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, which shall continue under the direction of the Central Executive Council, with the co-operation of the Provincial Council.

    Is the decision by the officer board(?) of the Ulster Council anything more than a recommendation to the CEC? Might a full meeting of the Ulster Council have a role to play?

  • cynic2

    Oh what fun they are having

  • cynic2

    “Most fans of the native music , like most GAA fans, are apolitcal ……. an Irish festival like the Fleadh has little place in a British city …….”

    Do you ever actually read this before you post it?

  • iluvni

    Maybe Joe Brolly will have a few words to say in his next article in Derry Journal.

  • derrydave

    cynic2, hahaha, was going to quote that myself, but all things considered thought it would be lost on socaire 😉

  • @iluvni what’s up kid, the OWC hoards still sore at Brolly’s last piece on the NI soccer team and supporters?

  • Munsterview

    Sliabhl…’ : “…… The Provos do not belong at such events, even though they make a point of attending them for vote and intelligence gathering reasons…….”

    There are plenty lunatics out there ready believe that anyone with a banjo and a 98 song or a tricolor sticker on an instrument case, is also a covert armed Republican. In his anti-Republican bile, this particular poster confirms that assertion for those who want to believe this nonsense as it panders to their hate tunnel vision of Taigs/Nationalists/Republicans and their culture.

    This ‘Clever Charlie’ is by no means a moron and he must be well aware that in making such unfounded statements as the above, he is also putting the lives and personal safety of innocent festival visitors to the Six Counties at risk from this same lunatic fringe ?

    Do he care ?

    By the above irresponsible statement, he has attributed paramilitary purposes to national and indeed internationally acclaimed positive, inter communal, interracial, cultural events.

    Do he want a repeat of Milltown Cemetery attack at one of these events, fueled by the same mentality ? Can any responsible person say with certainty that this possibility do not exist ?
    It takes a particularly low and loathsome mentality to pander to these base instincts without regard or concern for the consequences of their act, while obsensibly and hypocritically also condemning ‘Republican violence’

    Mick just when are you going to come to grips with posters using multiple personas for the purpose of irresponsible coat trailing? I have been red carded on past occasions for far less alleged offenses,

    You have only to go back to the first of these posts to see who the ‘Clever Charlie’ behind it is….. it was deliberately and blatantly done as a ‘fingers up’ to certain other posters on this site, much as the ‘Masky’ did.

    If the intent is nothing other than provocative mischief making, it could be perhaps tolerated, but there is a far more sinister reason for this and it is nothing other than to ensure by regularly denigrating Republicans in this fashion, Republicans and sympathetic Nationalists will take such tolerated abuse by the editorial as a reflection of editorial policy as a whole and continue to regard the site as not having credibility or the merit of contributing to.

    This is the real purpose of such posts, the prevention of discussion, dialogue and tolerance, between opposing views and it is the direct negation of core slugger principles.

    For the record, Labhras O Murchu is a former Volunteer of the Irish Republican Army. His service to Ireland, all Thirty-Two Counties of it, in culture and politics speaks for itself, yet this is the kind of ‘ Vol mentality’ and ethos that ‘Sliabh Luchra’ under this or whatever other ‘hat of convenience’ he is wearing for a particular post, continually denigrate and revile here.

    As somebody who was banned from the radio and tv for almost a quarter of a century, I do not advocate censorship in any form or the silencing of any views. There is a way to deal with this, robust no holds barred debate, but since we have cricket rules applied to a game of hurling and this cannot be done under current rules, then it is incumbent on editorial to act.

    While the actual color of the card may be appropriate to the character of the post, the actual penalization value of the card is not sufficient to deal with the offense given or for this ongoing abuse of Republicans by this particular pseudo poster.

  • changeisneeded

    This whole UK title is going to cause bloodshed. The comhaltas is just right to pull the brilliant fleadh from this cynical attempt by the main stream media and letsgetalongerism puppets for they have a bit sense.
    The BBC headline is a joke…

  • derrydave

    Munsterview – the ranting about Provos on a thread about the possibility of the All-Ireland Fleadh coming to Derry really just indicates to any sane person that Sliabhluachra is a bit of an idiot. Certainly a red-card would be warranted for sheer stupidity alone, however sometimes it’s better to let people be seen for what they are. In times gone by the expression of such views would be understandably coonsidered inflammatory and dangerous – these days however I honestly believe that we’re all a bit too smart (on both sides) to fall for that kind of shite.

  • seamus60

    Just how much effort has Martina and Co injected into securing this Irish event into the City before they changed their mind from it not being appropriately a UK City of culture. statement
    They`re pre-emptive statement on the whole affair done a complete u turn when financial figures were invisaged.
    Now they are the party with the most vigour on making the event a great success as a whole.
    What could be better than the appearance of Normalisation with the added advantage of financial gain.

  • socaire

    cynic2/derrydave ………. what’s your problem? What bit do you not understand? No Braille on keyboard , sorry.

  • Alias

    All they have to do is rename “UK City of Culture” to “These Islands City of Culture” and the problem is solved…!

  • sliabhluachra


    Handbags at noon it seems. A Kerry player is accusing Tyrone players and supporters of hitting them with a handbag. Maybe that can go into the Derry/Londonderry UK culture gig.
    We all know the type of cudgel swinging censorship the Provos like. And, as regards culture loving Provies, all one can do is cynically laugh. These are the people who bombed historic buildings after all.
    Labhras O’Murchu is a FF senator and has no links with the Provos who, in turn, should have no link with CCE which is, at heart, a family organisation and O’Murchu is strong, traditional RC wise, on that. And again, the Provos shooting men, women and children was not exactly compatible with those values.
    The GAA, Conradh na Gaeilge, CCE etc are all outfits with their own honourable missions, which is not to serve the whims of opportunist political groupings like the Provos. Most CCErs feel Listowel is the best p[lace to have the Fleadh but Cavan, Kilkenny, Sligo and many other places would beg to differ. Derry cannot have it just because it suits another agenda, which has nothing to do with CCE.

    Let’s hope Derry City v Sunderland is good and Martin O’Neill, OBE is not done in.

  • cynic2


    Doh. Read your own posts and marvel at the sophistry …or do you simply not understand what you wrote?

  • cynic2

    “Mick just when are you going to come to grips with posters using multiple personas for the purpose of irresponsible coat trailing? ”


    Do get a gtrip. It’s the internet not a controlled SF website – though at times it may resemble it

  • socaire

    Well then, YOU explain to ME what I wrote that annoys you. I didn’t do sophistry for O level.

  • derrydave

    Cynic2, I made a presumption that quoting Socaires contradictions would be lost on him – looks like he’s taken the trouble to confirm the fact – thanks Socaire 😉

  • Munsterview

    derrydave : “…. I honestly believe that we’re all a bit too smart (on both sides) to fall for that kind of shite…..”

    derrydave : my contention is that these posts are not the product of a ‘Contrarian’ an ‘Old Duffer’, a moron or somebody erratic with limited thinking ability etc, these posts may appear to indicate the village idiot mentality, but the mind behind these and other efforts, all from the same pen, has a far more sinister intent.

    Hearts and minds, derryd., it is all about hearts and minds and making sure that people stay in their separate camps with their respective group ethos intact and intolerant of other views. While some here use slugger to explain views, sometimes even with a bit more clarity than all in their own camps would be comfortable with. the intent of such pseudo posters is to foster division, misunderstanding and differences rather than what could unite.

    From the 1962 Rand Conference on ( look it up) where Frank Kitson starred and advocated harnessing the poplar media in a new way for use in counter propaganda in ‘Low Intensity Wars’, ‘operatives’ have been using ‘ letters to the editor’ and other such resources to manipulate public opinion before seamlessly migrating their whole circus into the new electronic media.

    If this propaganda was plainly delivered, it could be clearly seen for what it was, but by packaging it under the ravings of an ‘Old Duffer” or apparent ‘Contrarian’ that otherwise would be amusing and entertaining, the intent of the operative/pseudo poster can be achieved subliminally and propagated beneath the levels of awareness of the average reader.

    Simple test card for theses type ‘ranting’ do they contribute to reconciliation and understanding or do they perpetuate differences and foster suspicion. If it is the latter then the question arises, Quo Bono……who benefits ?

    Anyone of average intelligence googling ‘Hearts and Minds Conferences’, following up leads and examining these things for themselves will quickly see that there is quite an industry out there devoted to deception and advancing the views of the ruling elites of Western Society.

    Anyone so doing will quickly find dozens of references to British individuals who learned their craft and gained their primary experiences in the Northern Ireland Low Intensity War.

    They have not gone away, you know!

  • socaire

    Ná habair é, londonderry dive

  • Alias

    “They have not gone away, you know!”

    True, and some of them are busy managing the media to ensure that their puppets, the Shinners, are not unduly embarrassed by exposed strings glistening in the beam of an unwelcome enquirer’s torch.

    Still, we’re lucky that you’re on the case, incessantly and obsessively warning all and sundry about such nefarious shenanigans, namedropping (but, oddly, never quoting) Kitson at every opportunity, and just generally acting as a self-appointed guardian of all that is true and decent…

    We’d be lost without you…

  • derrydave

    Have to disagree with you MV. I can’t see in any way how Sliabhluachra’s posts here could in any way ‘perpetuate differences and foster suspicion’ – they are simply too idiotic to appeal to anyone with the sense needed to operate a computer. If the intention was as you say then surely there would be at least a little more subtle. I mean ffs, in the 2 postings (re the Fleadh remember) the Provos are quoted 10 times !! As well as Martin O’Neill being referenced twice. If anything I’d suspect that the postings are a parody of some loyalist dimwit from the kneebreakers 🙂
    Either you’re paranoid or I’m very naive. I think you’re a little paranoid 🙂

  • Mickles

    When 500 or so ‘citizens’ of Derry turn out to support the RIRA and 32CSM at a memorial in broad daylight, and the only one who gets locked up is a human lectern – I wouldn’t hold any major events in a town like that.

  • Skinner

    Just another sad example of the numb-nuts in NI holding everyone else to ransom

  • @derrydave

    I think MV is saying that you need to take sliabhluachra’s postings in the context of his/her other postings using other usernames here and other forums, not just the few on this thread. The style and purpose of each persona is distinctly identifiable and undoubtedly the “work” of the same person and usually follows the same modus operandi. Far from being “idiotic”, one quite effective alternate over on p.ie went from being very naive to very informed, intelligent and extremely nasty and vindictive in the space of a few weeks before being banned. However Mick’s rules are there for all to see and even if MV believes sliabhluachra’s current choice of user-name is a direct dig at him, my advice to MV is to ignore him/her long enough to dig his own hole as he/she usually does.

  • foyle observer

    Here, Mickles, there are 100,000 people in Derry.

    You wouldn’t hold ANY major event in the town because the RIRA held a demonstration attended by 500 people?

    What utter nonsense.

  • Mickles

    Here, foyle observer,

    It’s the relative silence and apathy of those other 99500 that would put me off. It says to me, “The people of Derry are OK with terrorists and their representatives doing what they like, when they like, with little or no outrage or condemnation.”

    If the residents of the City had been more vocal and shown at least some sort of protest against that kind of incident – I might change my opinion.

  • sliabhluachra

    Derrydave: I will count my references to Martin O’Neill (who played Minors for Derry) in future. You do know the Provos shot dead GAA inter county footballers.
    I looked up sluggerotoole on alexa. It gives a summary of Slugger’s readership. Chck it out and see if the FRU or whoever would high priority them.
    I am happy Derry did not get this for two reasons: gthe involvement of Sinn Feiners and the risks it would make CCE supporters run from at least two disparate quarters.

    Oh and for Martin O’Neill OBE: You do know the reception Derry GAA got when they won Sam?
    So, mno more from me on this thread (Martin O’Neill 2+1)

  • Brian


    I noticed you avoided the Teebane anniversary thread.I wonder why….
    But this thread, where you could accuse other posters of being covert propagandists, seemed right up your alley. You even got to mention Frank Kitson!!

  • derrydave

    Sliabh – your views on the rights and wrongs of the Ulster Council of Comhaltas’ position on the Derry bid have been particularly insightful, and have added lots to the debate. Thanks.

  • Munsterview

    Alias : “….name dropping (but, oddly, never quoting) Kitson at every opportunity,…”

    Untrue and you well know it !

    However general readers have short memories and since such things are in the main of specialist interests only, you know you are safe in propagating the disinformation. ( Lesser souls would call it lying but then they do not appreciate the mechanics of the game, do they ? )

    I have even been taken to task by Mick and ticked off regularly for listing links to these sites as he considers it a distraction from the main thread subject matter and debate.

    Time and again I have quoted from these people, even supplied links to where General Mike Jackstone and others of like mindsets could be heard from the records of their speaking contributions at such conferences.

    Unlike the ‘sheeple’ assumptions of your NWO pals, I give people credit for intelligence and for the ability to do an internet search for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

    Odd is it not that whenever I hi-light the activities of these media manipulators, that you inevitably are among the first in there to dismiss and discredit such claims ?.

    Just as odd also apparently that so many of your own posts by remarkable co-incidence, parallel the very methodology and use much of the nomenclature advocated by these covert pro-establishment, pro-ruling International NWO elites?

    Now before this runs into the sands, we can no doubt expect a few remarks from the other usual post about ‘Tin Hats’ etc?

    It looks like there could be a black spot on the way incidently, one needs to know the way around a rushy mountain and a good pair of wellingtons to get where they are going, these pathways are best left to natives and are not as easy as they look ! Arrogance do lead to carelessness and as you are no doubt aware, attention to detail is everything in your game!

    Anyway no worries, as our Aussie friends would say, plenty more pseudo where that one came from !

  • Munsterview

    Ulick : “….The style and purpose of each persona is distinctly identifiable and undoubtedly the “work” of the same person and usually follows the same modus operandi…….”

    Yes indeed Ulick, even the best leave tracks and while the mind behind many of these ‘pseudo’ postings is good, very good in fact, it is far from top drawer. In fact the ‘guiding hand’ must be quite pissed off to see the same elementary mistakes so regularly repeated by these minions !. Then arrogance and a ‘too clever by half’ attitude is characteristic of much of their approach.

    Just how limited these people sometimes are can be gleaned from the fact that they could not, for example, even make proper use of a laundry service when one was set up for them on a no expense spared basis!

    Quite good as I have said but as the uncovering of these creatures have shown in the US, UK and elsewhere, they are strictly ‘one trick ponies’ trained for one arena. They tend to get a bit annoyed accordingly when someone ignore the smoke, mirrors and fanfare of the circus ring and take them for a trot in a wide open field where they can be seen for what the quite limited and pathetic specimens that they usually are.

  • sherdy

    The Ulster Council deserve a gold medal for ‘fiddling about’.

  • Alias

    MV, I can recall similiar claims being made about the “SF Blogging Committee” – that posters who proffered the official Shinner line on Slugger were ‘placed’ here by Connolly House for that express purpose. It was mainly directed at Chris Gaskin 5 or 6 years ago (no longer a PSF activist) and it comes up in various incarnations today. But there is no basis to assume that such uniformity of views is other than party supporters doing what party supporters generally do – support the party.

    I have seen nothing that would lead be to suspect that the intelligence services pose as genuine posters here for the purpose of disseminating propaganda. They do pose as genuine posters on sites that are used by groups they are infiltrating or that are used by individuals for the purpose of engaging in crinimal acts- lots of court cases in the UK revealing that practice. But I have never heard of or seen any examples of disseminating propaganda by such means.

    I think this largly became an issue because ‘Martin Ingram’ posted here. However, he never hid the fact that he was posting as a former FRU handler. If internet forums are to be controlled for propaganda purposes then that control will be exercised at the editorial level – it will be about which stories are examined and which stories are ignored. It is futile to try to set an agenda at the posting level, when the editor can set it for you at the other level.

    I think you might just have to accept it as fact – and let your ego take the hit – that you’re not facing any great adversary but rather just ordinary people giving their ordinary opinions.

    As it is off-topic, that’s the last post about it.

  • Mick Fealty

    SL, I was going to black spot you. But a red will do. Just quit the wind up nonsense.

  • cynic2


    I agree (rare words on Slugger). I have no doubt that MI5 do monitor Slugger- at the very least what interests the denizens of Stormont interests them and I think that the overwhelming concern on this from MV is, as you suggest, possibly an expression of concern at the declining relevance of his views and posts.

  • Mark

    If MI5 read the newspapers and watch the news then they check the internet and specific sites . Slugger O Toole has been called ( among other things ) the No 1 political website in the North and has won numerous awards . It has threads about it on other websites and it gets mentioned in relation to current affairs of the day – Boston College etc . Your man with the broken elbow was giving out about the site owner a while back who by the way is rumoured to be a bit if a diva but he knows his stuff so there you go …..

  • Munsterview

    cynic2 : “….I think that the overwhelming concern on this from MV is, as you suggest, possibly an expression of concern at the declining relevance of his views and posts….. ”

    If this were a forum operating under the rules of normal debate I could give a robust, colorful reply to that and indeed the occasional pieces in others of your posts that are worth a reply to, but this being slugger with a set of esoteric rules only fully known to those who apply them, I will have to pass, even if I was so inclined to engage,( which I am not), rather than risk a card ( which may have been the real object of the exercise ?)

    In his 5.15PM post Ulick gave a good summary of the situation as others literate in these areas would also see the situation. However as ‘Tayto Murphy once said, ” five of a hundred make things happen, twenty out of a hundred let things happen ( passively) and eighty out of a hundred do not know anything is happening” !

    The use of covert Official sources to manipulate public opinion during the Low Intensity War in the Six Counties ( which incidently is ongoing if albeit on a very scaled back basis) is now generally accepted, by academic, political and even media sources. If this went on as acknowledged, just when is it supposed to have all stopped ?

    To look at media manipulation in the Western World, this is a good place to start, the twenty five most suppressed news stories of 2011. http://www.projectcensored.org See nos 2 and 19 in particular in this list for examples of ‘official’ interference in everyday events.

    Mark in a foregoing post rightly and correctly centralizes the importance of Slugger to opinion formers and opinion monitors on this Island. It’s importance as a reliable and relevant Irish source is verifiable, as Mark observed by the Slugger threads on other sites etc.

    Why then do some people persist in playing Slugger’s importance down and denying what could be called ‘the bleeding obvious’ ! However once the ‘quo bono’ angle is explored and appreciated, the equally classical retort from the Christine Keeler era comes to mind……. ” well they would say that wouldn’t they” !

    There is another interesting dichotomy here, some of the very posters who ‘poo, poo ‘ and play down the importance or relevance of Slugger in the overall media presence in this Island, or for a window on the Six County Area politics, are also some of the most prolific and polemic contributers to every Slugger debate of any significance.

    If such posters do indeed sincerely believe what they contend, that slugger is of minor importance in the overall scheme of things, and yet expend so much time and effort in detailed, participatory, posts, then the only logical conclusion is there are some sad lives out there, some very sad lives indeed!

    If not then the other ‘bleeding obvious’ is some posters do not have very much respect for the other contributers or average readers intelligence.

  • Alias

    “If such posters do indeed sincerely believe what they contend, that slugger is of minor importance in the overall scheme of things, and yet expend so much time and effort in detailed, participatory, posts, then the only logical conclusion is there are some sad lives out there, some very sad lives indeed!”

    True, I’m so boring that even my local parish priest yawns during my confession. And as a Jew, I only go to confession because no one will listen to me. I had to nail his door on the box shut to stop him from bolting! Even my dog yawns when I get home. I even bought a parrot just to have ‘someone’ to talk to but all it ever said was “Would you ever shut the fu*k up!” It’s all very sad, really. I remember gate-crashing a wake and someone pointed at me and said “Who put the corpse sitting up?” Is it any wonder I have such low self-esteem? Hardly. It got so bad that one time I phoned The Samaritans but they just hung up. Jehovah’s Witnesses make their excuses and leave. I wish I could be a radical subversive, dedicating my spare time to promoting an establishment party in a mandatory coalition but nothing that exciting could ever happen to me. Hell, I’d go take my dog for a walk right now but it insists on going for walkies alone. I’m the kind of guy that ends up killing his neighbour’s family with an axe and arranges their dismembered corpses in satanic poses on the front lawn…

  • Brian

    Alias…You gave me a good laugh with that last post. Thank you.

  • Mick Fealty

    Alias, pure brilliance!

    MV, You have zero excuse for breaking the rules. The reasons for your various red and yellow cards have been explained to you in various ways more exhaustively than anyother commenter past or present.

    You simply cannot stay on topic. For this, regretfully, I’m going to have to ban you from the site indefinitely. You are simply screwing up conversational thread as a means of derailing or crowding out political opponents.

    I’m genuinely sorry. I like you personally, and some might say you are harmless. But this space is for people who are serious about their politics, and who can fight their corner without playing the man or changing the subject.

  • Update from Gerry Moriarty in the Irish Times includes the following:

    The central executive of Comhaltas is to meet in Dublin on Saturday to consider an appeal from the Derry branch of the organisation against the decision by the Ulster Council rejecting the Derry application. ..

    Local Sinn Féin and SDLP representatives expressed astonishment and dismay at the [Ulster Council] decision. ..

    [The head of Comhaltas Labhrás Ó Murchú] was surprised at Sunday’s decision as “the Ulster Council of Comhaltas made a unanimous decision back last year to support an application from Derry”.

    “We feel the statement that was put out had political undertones, and we want to clarify that we are non-political and non-sectarian, and have always been like that.”

    The Comhaltas central executive will consider the appeal on Saturday. It is also due to decide which venue should host the fleadh next year.

    If the Derry appeal is successful, that decision may be postponed.

  • cynic2


    Aaaaagh. Be careful. You have caught MV disease

  • Update from @markmcfadden:

    Ulster says ‘Yes’. Derry’s bid to host All-Ireland Fleadh is back on track. Ulster Council of Comhaltas reverses decision to block Derry.