Chuckle Brothers reunite to warn local unionists over Scottish intervention

The once dynamic duo of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness appear to have briefly shared the same script through their complimentary calls for local politicians to butt out of the Scottish Independence debate. In his Newsletter column last week, Ian Paisley said  the Scots “probably would greatly appreciate it if we left them alone to make their own decision.”

Speaking at Stormont today, McGuinness said:

“This is an issue which could be used to create divisions in this house or even in our Executive or even between the First Minister and myself.

“I think all of us should resist the temptation to be drawn into something that will be decided elsewhere.

“We have our own duties and responsibilities, we have our own agreements stretching back to 1998, the St. Andrews Agreement, the Hillsborough Agreements and I think we abide by the agreements we have made and get on with our duties and responsibilites.

“What happens elsewhere has to be a matter primarily for the people concerned and my attitude to it is we would be best advised to stay clear of it.

Not for the first time, the message from the founder and former leader of the DUP has directly contradicted the advice of his successor (remember Icarus), who recently declared that local unionists must not sit “idly by” and watch Scotland chart a path to independence.

Robinson’s call came after former UUP senior figure, Lord Kilclooney (John Taylor), suggested that the Scots should consider repartition in the event of the democratic vote going against unionists (now where have we heard that before…)whilst the current UUP Leader, Tom Elliott, confirmed his successful completion of his course in megaphone diplomacy by provoking a cross-border row following his attempts to warn the Scots about the perils of independence. Whack fol the diddle eh, Tom?

Meanwhile, here’s Alan Bissett’s wonderful take on the case for Scottish Independence.

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