Icarus Robinson in Paisley’s sights- again

 The cold dish of revenge would appear to be on the menu in the House of Paisley. How else to interpret yet another thinly-veiled assault by Ian Paisley Snr on his successor via his Newsletter column. I can’t find the piece online, but here’s a taster:

Candidates who flew too close to the sun of parliamentary expenses found they could not remain airborne. Candidates who covered their eyes to the bright warning lights of voters’ unease melted. Candidates who flew on, blind to the heat of unanswered questions, ended up in the sea rather than in a seat!

Strapping on the wings of self-confidence, arrogance and conceit, they headed towards the sun, believing they would be the one that bucked the trend. But the sun is as warm today as it was upon the face of Icarus.

There is no applause in an election booth, just the sound of the X making its mark.