Icarus Robinson in Paisley’s sights- again

 The cold dish of revenge would appear to be on the menu in the House of Paisley. How else to interpret yet another thinly-veiled assault by Ian Paisley Snr on his successor via his Newsletter column. I can’t find the piece online, but here’s a taster:

Candidates who flew too close to the sun of parliamentary expenses found they could not remain airborne. Candidates who covered their eyes to the bright warning lights of voters’ unease melted. Candidates who flew on, blind to the heat of unanswered questions, ended up in the sea rather than in a seat!

Strapping on the wings of self-confidence, arrogance and conceit, they headed towards the sun, believing they would be the one that bucked the trend. But the sun is as warm today as it was upon the face of Icarus.

There is no applause in an election booth, just the sound of the X making its mark.

  • joeCanuck

    I’m not sure revenge is the right word. I think Paisley is angry and (religiously) upset at the stinking cloud that Robinson carries around with him wherever he goes.
    Mind you, if so, he and his son have sailed mightily close to the wind, if not the sun.

  • joeCanuck

    I was too quick to hit the submit button and omitted the words “a bit hypocritical.”

  • Greenflag

    ‘But the sun is as warm today as it was upon the face of Icarus.’

    Did’nt the father of Icarus -one Daedalus escape the Labrynth ?.

    I think JC you hit the right note . Being a ‘bit hypocritical’ is almost a necessary requirement for ‘success’ as a party leader and politician in NI. The trick is not too fly too near the Sun nor get caught brazenly with hand in the public purse nor get enmeshed in the multiple extra ‘labrynths ‘ that NI politicians by dint of the local history have to traverse with one eye in front and two behind 😉

    No room for a political Cyclops as the TUV’s Jim Allister has lately discovered .

  • People forget that had Icarus set his sights lower, he would have been immortalised for the right reason, as the first man on the moon. Such is political life.

  • DC
  • I agree with Joe. But playing Thatcher to Robinson’s John Major can’t disguise the fact that he left office under a cloud himself.

  • Terry

    Maybe the Big Ians positioning the young fella for a leadership challenge and as no one in the dup in his eyes can be trusted is using the media as a platform for this.

  • White Horse

    Just the pot calling the kettle black arse.

  • lamhdearg

    I grew up hating ian paisley. Then i grew to respect his posistion. And how i wish he would f**k up or die. Which makes me ?. To get at robbo for lining his pockets, Pot and pan just will not cover it.

  • liberalnibbler

    Ian Paisley is truly a hypocrite.

    This second thinly-veiled insult, and his failure to express any support for Robinson, is quite unprofessional and rather pathetic. One should remind Mr. Paisley of his rather colourful past and the controversy he courted throughout his career. As Wilhelm Luther suggests, Paisley did not exactly leave office under a beaming sun. I am not Peter Robinson’s greatest fan but I do have respect for his recent conduct as First Minister, under great external pressure, and I, therefore, find Ian Paisley’s comments a cynical stab in the back of the man who practically made his party what it is today.

    There is a certain arrogance in Paisley’s comments because he seems to have forgotten that without the ‘conceited’ Robinson he would never have made it to the seat of First Minister.


  • SammyMehaffey

    I enjoyed the piece! Call it revenge, hypocrasy or whatever. Is it not time someone had the balls to say it? Our mealy mouthed hacks certainly haven’t exposed the little urchin, nor have his fellow party members. Good on you Big Yin.

  • Cynic

    I am not a PapaDoc fan but so far as I know

    1 he never developed a relationship with Property Developers that would allow Eileen to walk into their offices and walk out with two cheques for £50,000 for her toyboy lover

    2 he never bought a strip of land for £5 that was previously on sale for hundreds of thousands and then sold it on for a £5

    3 he never left his wife seriously ill at home while waiting for an ambulance to commit her, went to the Assembly and stood laughing and joking at the Dispatch Box

    4 he never then effectively denounced her and distanced himself from her on national TV

    5 he never commissioned an independent inquiry into himself where he wrote the terms of the inquiry, refused to publish them then refused to publish the full report but assured us that it exonerated him

    The real disgrace is that he is still in there clinging to office is NI’s First Minister. The voters have had their say for Westminster so roll on the Assembly election. When will the DUP wake up to the damage to the brand?

  • richiep

    I admit to a certain pleasure in one retired thug having a go at another still in office.

  • dr yes

    Surely this Paisley article could not possibly be a sideways dig at his wounded successor Peter Robinson?
    After all, Paisley had higher food MP expenses claims than either Peter or Iris Robinson – even claiming £400 maximum monthly sums when he was First Minister and when he was seriously ill in 2004/05.
    Paisley also had to pay back 1,181.94 under the Thomas Legg MP expenses audit, while Robinson had nothing to repay.
    And let’s not forget the joint Paisley rental expenses for their Ballymena office – deemed by an Assembly report to be “significantly” above the market rate, and being used to create a DUP property asset at public expense.

  • brasco

    whats the old adage about stones and glass houses?

  • Comrade Stalin

    When will the DUP wake up to the damage to the brand?

    I suspect we will see the DUP take action in the coming weeks to address that matter, although I would highlight that the election results show no evidence of damage to the DUP brand. Certainly the Robinson brand, but not the party brand.

  • DC

    I beg to differ it was the hacks wot won it re getting Robbo out, a highly pin-pointed campaign in the Bel Tele and BBC etc – much of it orchestrated by Robbo all the same – inviting people in to his house etc then losing his temper crudely.

    But all the same the media played its part in showing up Robbo for all that he is – a liar and parasite.

  • Cynic


    Baby Docs comments last week were interesting when he said of Peter’s loss that ‘we have democratic in our title and that’s politics’

    I agree. I think the ‘heave’ has started.

  • joeCanuck

    Do you think that baby doc actually would believe he would have a chance? I’ll give odds against, 5:1, winnings to slugger as usual.

  • richiep

    Ian Óg always struck me as not being the brightest , but then again maybe you wouldn’t need to be to lead the DUP.
    The oul fella’s name seems to be his only stock in trade.

  • Bulmer

    It’s a case of as the Son Rises. Only Icarus was the son of the far more perceptive Daedalus. Maybe Big Ian’s rant could also apply to his son for whom hubris lies in wait.

  • dundonald voter

    when you say significantly dr yes it was three times over. £57,000 for a property that should draw in £19,000 p.a. and not to forget who bought it for them (seymour Ive heard of him sweeney, then transferred into junior’s father in law name.) The dr should look at the beam in his own eye before he tries to remove the speck of dust from others