Sean Quinn Declared Bankrupt in Ireland

Having succeeded in having Sean Quinn’s bankruptcy status in the UK annulled, the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBCR), formerly Anglo Irish Bank, today applied to have Mr Quinn declared bankrupt in Dublin High Court.  Mr Quinn did not oppose the application.

On Friday evening there was another attack on Mr Quinn’s former business headquarters.  That occurred just days after the UK bankruptcy annulment and one day after it was reported that Quinn Wind Energy Ltd had also been placed into administration.

And the Irish Times has some more details on the continuing complicated legal battle between IBRC and Mr Quinn.  This time in Ukraine.

An examination of the registration files led to the document, allegedly signed by Mr Quinn and other former members of the Univermag board, being discovered by Ukrainian lawyers acting for IBRC, who raised the matter in court on Friday.

Asked about the document, a spokesman for Mr Quinn told The Irish Times that Mr Quinn “has not had sight of the document referred to, nor is he aware of what happened in Kiev’s court [on Friday]. Seán Quinn did not sign any document relating to Univermag on December 19th, 2011.”

It is understood some Irish associates of Mr Quinn, who were formerly members of the Univermag board, have told IBRC’s lawyers in Kiev that they have had no dealings with Univermag since long before November 2011.

A judge in Northern Ireland has granted a temporary freezing order to IBRC against Lyndhurst, instructing it not to alter an agreement it has with Univermag or trade in the agreement in any way or discharging any money remitted to it as a result of the agreement.

A similar order has been granted in the British Virgin Islands as the bank seeks to identify who is the beneficial owner of Lyndhurst.