Outrage as British War machine send offensive Christmas card!…

Christmas week saw Newry and Mourne Sinn Fein Councillor Brendan Curran make another contribution to his party’s on-going attempts at ‘Unionist engagement’, endeavouring to understand the Unionist psyche, and of course creating a situation and atmosphere where Unionism will embrace and accept symbols, language and historical/ cultural expression important to Irish Republicanism.

Brendan was reacting to the heinous and unforgivable act of receiving a charity Christmas card that dared to carry symbols and words directly relating to the charity it was raising funds for. The Newry and Mourne PSNI Christmas Card had chosen its 2011 charity to be the RUCGC and PSNI Benevolent Fund.

Brendan found the card both “offensive and insensitive”, felt that the RUC reference should not be used because it was disbanded over 10 years ago, and did not think that people in Newry should be reminded of the “deplorable record” of the RUC.

Brendan has continually been a stalwart in the Newry Area for ensuring that people should not be offended, ensuring that references of bygone deeds and names are not used, and making sure no-one is reminded of “deplorable records”. One of his most notable contributions to equality and creating an inclusive environment in Newry City was the Raymond McCreesh Park..