#onthehill End of term report: how do MLAs assess the Assembly’s performance? (Can you name the 16 voices?)

Loitering around the Great Hall on Tuesday, I asked 16 MLAs to give a score out of ten and supply the headmaster’s comment for the Assembly’s end of term report card.

Here’s what they said:

End of term report: how do MLAs assess @niassembly performance? (mp3)

But can you name all sixteen? No prize, other than the satisfaction of being correct and first!

Given the sample size, any statistical inference is very unscientific. However, it’s still interesting to note that DUP and Sinn Fein representatives classified performance as 4-7, whilst other parties used the range 3-6.

One other MLA criticised the lack of legislation before suggesting “it’s better than people being killed on the streets.”

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