The Decade of BIG Dates ( and little ones too )

Not the romantic kind, nor the edible one’s but anniversaries of significant events. 

Many are looking forwards to the years between 2012 and 2022 to commerate or celebrate various past events, others are equally dreading them, in particular the, 1916-2016 Easter Rising & Somme Commerations come to mind.  But these are not the only significant dates coming up and I suggest we compile a list of some of the lesser known events worthy of our attention, as well as the big ones, we can then put together a more comprehensive list to educate us all for the next 10 years or even help you plan when best to leave the country. 

The broad paremeters are, the event must have been at least 10 yrs ago from today, and in multiples of 10 or 25 years there after, exceptions being records such as oldest, longest, first, etc. or major current events in their own right such as the Olympics.  The second paremeter being it must have a Northern Ireland / north of Ireland connection ( ie. Donegal person or event ok, Cork or Glasgow not unless it/they had major impact here)   National UK & Ireland events can be included, as can international ones with a local connection.  For this exercise we will presume no-one dies over the next decaded,( ie. include Prince Philip’s 100th bithday) and organisations, ( like the EU & UK ) survive more or less intact.

I know some interesting side discussions will arise, for example commerating Easter versus the Actual date of the rising, or does having your granny born here count as enough of a connection.   If they stirr things up then get someone to start a thread on the issue, this is just meant as an hostoric record of the event not a call to organise events etc.    I will try to keep this as updated as possible, if you can pin the date down to one day, either the start date or most significant one that will help, if not will post it in the right year and someone else can help with the date. 

* PLEASE give full dates if available, otherwise it may not make it to the list*


April 15th – Centenary, Titanic Sinking

June 18th – Bicentenary, Outbreak 1812 North American War, General Ross  

July 14th – Centenary, Dervock born K K. McArthur Olympic Marathon Gold

September 28th – Centenary, Ulster Covenant Signing


January ?? – Centenary, First UVF established

January 1st – First,  UK City of Culture in Derry/Londonderry

August 26th – Centenary, Dublin Lockouts


March 20th – Centenary, Curragh Mutiny

April 23rd – Millenium, Battle of Clontarf

April 24th – Centenary, “Clyde Valley” Landing guns for UVF

June 28th – Centenary, Assination Archduke Franz Ferdinand

July 26th – Centenary, “Asgard” landing guns for Irish Volunteers

July 28th – Centenary, Outbreak of World War One


June 18th – Bicentenary, Battle of Waterloo (Irish commander & much of army)


April 6th – Ninetith Birthday, Ian R K Paisley

March 27th – Centenary, Easter Rising

July 1st – Centenary, 1st Battle of The Somme



17th February – Fortieth Anv, La Mon Hotel Bomb

March 6th – Centenary, Death of John Redmond MP

March 6th – Thirtieth Anv, SAS Kill 3 PIRA members in Gibraltar

April 10th – Twentieth Anv, Good Friday Agreement Signed

June 20th – Fiftieth Anv, Caledon Civil Rights Protest begins

August 4th – Tricentenary, Rev. McGregor & Antrim Migrants land in Boston

November 11th – Centenary, Armistice Day


January 21st – Centenary, Irish declaration of Independance & Soloheadbeg ambush


July 21st – Centenary, Catholics forced from H&W, Belfast Pogroms

November 21st – Centenary, Dublin Bloody Sunday


May 3rd – Centenary, Formation of Northern Ireland

May 25th – Centenary, Customs House Burning

September ?? – Fiftieth Anv, Formation of DUP


March  24th – Centenary, McMahon Murders, Belfast

March 30th – Fiftieth Anv, Proroguing of Northern Ireland Parliment

August 22nd – Centenary, Death of Micheal Collins

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