Vote For Me

You’ll guess how bad this is when I’m going to apologise in advance for it.

Dan Boyle, former tweet-master general of the Green Party, has managed to coincide the launch of his album, Third Adolescence, with the 30th anniversary re-launch of the Green Party. Yeah, you read that right, his album. In deference to his chequered electoral history, he has included a track called ‘Vote For Me’ (if you really hate your ears – you can listen to a sample preview on Amazon).

Amazingly, he isn’t the first luminary of the Green Party to travel this road. As Paul Gogarty, the former TD who regularly gave the impression of being unhinged, has also launched a music career (again, aural discretion is strongly advised). Indeed, the Greens appear set to rival even the DUP in the musical stakes, with their long-standing tradition with the likes of the now-retired Ian Paisley and Willie McCrea (the UUP are not the champions on this one).

Singing politicians are obviously not a new phenomenon although their performances have often been ill-considered, with RTE’s Late Late Show being the stage for many offenders (this link shows this is a trait not solely confined to these shores, either). Singers turning to politics aren’t unheardof either. Another recent example, Brian Crowley, the Fianna Fáil MEP, with Miriam O’Callaghan hitting all the wrong notes (on the piano), performed Let It Be on her RTE show a couple of years ago but fortunately sadly I can’t find it on-line.

I’m sure other local politicians have also sinned, so if you have the links, post them up and share the pain.