Vote For Me

You’ll guess how bad this is when I’m going to apologise in advance for it.

Dan Boyle, former tweet-master general of the Green Party, has managed to coincide the launch of his album, Third Adolescence, with the 30th anniversary re-launch of the Green Party. Yeah, you read that right, his album. In deference to his chequered electoral history, he has included a track called ‘Vote For Me’ (if you really hate your ears – you can listen to a sample preview on Amazon).

Amazingly, he isn’t the first luminary of the Green Party to travel this road. As Paul Gogarty, the former TD who regularly gave the impression of being unhinged, has also launched a music career (again, aural discretion is strongly advised). Indeed, the Greens appear set to rival even the DUP in the musical stakes, with their long-standing tradition with the likes of the now-retired Ian Paisley and Willie McCrea (the UUP are not the champions on this one).

Singing politicians are obviously not a new phenomenon although their performances have often been ill-considered, with RTE’s Late Late Show being the stage for many offenders (this link shows this is a trait not solely confined to these shores, either). Singers turning to politics aren’t unheardof either. Another recent example, Brian Crowley, the Fianna Fáil MEP, with Miriam O’Callaghan hitting all the wrong notes (on the piano), performed Let It Be on her RTE show a couple of years ago but fortunately sadly I can’t find it on-line.

I’m sure other local politicians have also sinned, so if you have the links, post them up and share the pain.

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  • ben_w

    Poor old Peter Brooke. Gaybo pushed and goaded him into that performance on the Late Late. Disaster.

  • Mr Harry Hamilton…….former UUPCFN candidate in 2010 who defected to another Party is also known as Flash Harry, a tribute act to Mr Freddie Mercury.
    People who have seen Mr Hamilton assure me that he is very good.

  • oops I note that Flash Harry is in the “tags”…….sorry.

  • John Ó Néill

    FJH – he’s linked in the piece as well (the UUP reference).

  • aquifer

    The parties should on no account record choral compilations of their favourite tracks.

    We would laugh them to scorn and never vote for them again.

  • Mac

    Heard the full thing yesterday evening on Matt Cooper’s show.
    It’s really rather special isn’t it?

  • Dan Boyle

    Aren’t we smug and superior. The track is intentionally satirical and deliberately jokey. It’s not like any other track on the album, and was made in the full knowledge that people like you would react in the way you have.

  • michael-mcivor

    Willie McCrea songs are like death by a thousand hits-or non hits in his case-

  • sherdy

    Dan, if you feel the need to explain, you already realise you’ve lost your cause.

  • Rory Carr

    Sad, Sherdy, but oh so true.

  • Rory Carr

    God! I’ve just listened to it on Amazon.

    “The track is intentionally satirical and deliberately jokey.”

    With a refrain that goes:

    “Vote for me
    and you know
    I’ll never let you down.”

    I am not so sure that “deliberately jokey” will save old Dan from a lynch mob if he sings it in public.

  • Well, Dan was a musician before he became a politician, so he is in the singers turning to politics group.

  • Can I just add Anne & Francie Brolly to the list of recording artistes.