Sammy Wilson’s #dupconf routine – complete with doubtful gags about SF’s Long Creche

Sammy Wilson’s speech was billed as ‘finance’, but was in reality his usual mid-afternoon comic turn to pick up the spirits of the delegates who were still in the hall.

You can hear the full 20 minute routine over on Audioboo (mp3 download).

In one section about 5 minutes in, he was commenting on the recent Sinn Fein Ard Fheis in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. He referred to the crèche – labelled by Sinn Fein (rather than Sammy) as ‘Long Crèche’ – and tastelessly suggested: (mp3 download)

Sammy Wilson”s tasteless joke about “Long Creche” at SF”s Ard Fheis (mp3)

The babies were in cages, wrapped in blankets. They wouldn’t eat their dinner either – and you want to see what they did with the nappies.

Can you imagine, Ah wee Seamus’ dad would’ve been proud of him, 15 months, he’s mastered a dirty protest already.

Tasteless. And not in the spirit of the party leader’s speech.

Update – BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback picked up on Sammy’s comments at lunchtime (6 min 35 secs in) …