Ministerial U-turn on NI Water Chief Executive’s terms

After his very well publicised threat to resign, the acting Chief Executive at Northern Ireland Water, Trevor Haslett, appears to have got what he wanted – a £20,000 pay rise [and a two year contract? – Ed].  From the BBC report

A spokeswoman for the Department for Regional Development confirmed the deal.

“Northern Ireland Water needs leadership and stability,” she said.

“Trevor Haslett has demonstrated that he is the best person to lead NI Water through the winter that is almost upon us and beyond.

“The package proposed by the board of NI Water has been approved but will not be paid until after the winter period. A significant element is subject to a satisfactory performance over the winter.”

The length of the contract hasn’t been confirmed yet.  But if it’s for the two years requested, then those would be the same terms that the NI Minister for Regional Development, and/or the Finance Minister, reportedly rejected previously [see indent analysis].