“Until further notice (see Preamble post-script), the Houses of the Oireachtas shall have a room containing an elephant.”

As the eurozone slides into the abyss, there’s just time for some light relief – courtesy of Frank McNally’s Irishman’s Diary in the Irish Times.

Article 6 The name of the State is Eire, or in the English language, Ireland. The Government may, however, enter into periodic commercial agreements with regard to naming rights. Thereafter, the State may be known as “Ireland, brought to you in association with Microsoft”, or a like designation.

Article 7 The national flag of Ireland shall be a tricolour of green, white, and orange; the green and orange representing the island’s two traditions, and the white representing potential advertising space (see Article 6).

Article 8. 1 . There shall be a President of Ireland, also called Uachtarán na hÉireann. Unless we have another election campaign like 2011, that is, in which case we shall consider reintroducing a monarchy and offering the crown to the descendants of King Zog of Albania.

2. The President shall have the powers designated in the original Bunreacht na hÉireann, save that the Council of State shall henceforth be asked to keep a close eye on his poetry output.

Article 9 The Oireachtas shall consist of the President, the Dáil, and the Seanad, and shall have the same powers as defined in the original Bunreacht na hÉireann, except where these are limited by Article 10, below.

Article 10 Until further notice (see Preamble post-script), the Houses of the Oireachtas shall have a room containing an elephant.

Heh.  Read the whole thing.

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