Settlement for Gadaffi’s victims here at last?

Lawyer Jason McCue tells the Sunday Times that the IRA victims of Libyan supplied semtex explosive will now receive a total of £450 million.  Justice is also promised for the relatives of WPC Yvonne Fletcher and other Britsh victims of Libyan sponsored terrorism.   Let’s hope the enterprising campaigners aren’t counting their Libyan chickens too early.  Since optimism is reigning, why not the full story of Lockerbie next?

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  • ranger1640

    Good news if true for IRA victims, as for Lockerbie better ask the Iranians that question.

  • galloglaigh

    I think it’s good that these people will get a settlement. A lot of wrongs across the world, have led to the deaths of millions. Other states should consider such a move, and the UK government is one…

  • lamhdearg

    the u.k. does not have that sort of money. what is 450,000000 + by?.

  • lamhdearg

    = by,

  • foyle observer

    Putting monetary value on the lives of loved ones is sickening to be honest.

  • Dec

    Any chance of asking South Africa to stump up for all the victims of the weapons they gave the UDA/UVF/Ulster Resistance?

  • Alan N/Ards

    Does the Republic have any questions to answer about gunrunning during the “troubles” of the last century?

  • Brian

    What about all the Arms that the UK or UK comapnies sold to dictators and forces all around the world??? Where does this end?

  • Is that money for all the victims?

    or just the few?

    Sunday 23 rd October was the 40th anniversary of the bomb which injured myself at age 19, but as it was 30 pounds of gelignite and not Semtex I suppose I do not qualify.

    Most of the major bombs were not Semtex but were made from fertilizer and fuel, does those injured by these types of bombs get anything?

    Is there now a hierarchy of victims? Those injured by semtex and those injured by other types,

    and are millions mentioned for all the semtex victims or just the selected few? If it is for a select few, then is it time for the other Semtex victims to sue the new Libyan regime?

    Who decides who gets what?

    + More questions than answers +

  • Skinner


    If you know the person who knowlingly supplied the gelignite that injured you, you could sue them and get compensation too (if they have the money that is).