The truth and damn lies

I was chatting recently with a colleague in work about the Pat Finucane case and the fact that there wasn’t going to be a full Public Inquiry into the murder of the solicitor. It should be noted [if anyone missed the fact] that Ken Barrett was charged and convicted of the murder in 2004. As the discussion progressed about the minutia of such a process he simply said,

Lots of people know the truth here [Northern Ireland] – they’re just not telling it

He went on to mention David Kelly  [the man whose father served in the Irish Army and was murdered by the IRA in 1983] and is in caption, my friend continued,

McGuinness knows the truth; same as the Brits – but do you think he’ll be squealing?

It’s an interesting process we’re now living in. Plenty of people know the truth about the innumerable murders in Northern Ireland but seem shy to tell it.

I agree that the tail end of the Finucane case was handled badly by Cameron, even I thought he was about to announce a public inquiry having brought the families to Downing Street. I also sympathise with the family in wanting to know the truth. The Finucanes decision not to participate in the review is disappointing.

Patrick Corrigans post certainly put forward his case for another public inquiry. Whilst I didn’t comment on the post at the time I thought it a little odd that he would so heavily criticise an independent QC who is so imminently thought of by the UN. Desmond DeSilva helped bring to justice Charles Taylor [the former dictator of Liberia] and negotiated on behalf of the UNDP to secure warrants for war criminals in Serbia. Patrick went on to say,

When a lawyer is murdered in any country, it should be a matter of great public concern, seen rightly as an attack on the entire legal system

I’m not sure that lawyers are higher up the moral food chain than census takers, school teachers or policemen; or for that matter deserve truth and justice any more.

There are lots of families out there who want the truth and some justice. David Kelly is just one of them and I most sincerely hope he gets it. I’m sure the families of the disappeared would also like a few folks to ‘come clean’.  Ann Travers clearly believes that having Mary McArdle, the woman  convicted of the murder of her sister as she left Holy Mass, placed by Sinn Fein into a £90,000 government SPAD role does not equate to justice for her or her family.

I believe it was Gandhi who said

Truth never damages a cause that is just

Don’t hold your breath…

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