Hyperlinks, italics and other clever stuff

When I started commenting on slugger a number of years ago I was a bit less sad, had a bit more hair and was away from home a lot. Now I am at home every evening, have even less hair, am much more sad and have no closer a relationship with my family. All this is secondary to my involvement with slugger: I appreciate few republicans will have much sympathy, nor many loyalists and probably precious few other people.

Right fishing for compliments over with: on with what I want to say.

We have a number of new commentators and I thought a brief outline of the clever things you can do with you comments might be in order. I was going to say cool things but let us be honest: commenting on slugger is by definition not cool (having one’s own posts is even less cool). If you doubt me try telling a good looking 20 something member of the opposite sex that you spend a lot of time on slugger: see it is not cool.

Slugger (and lots of other blogs) have a code system which allows the clever (uncool) stuff to be done. This relies on the use of brackets: the relevant brackets are the pointy ones > and the opposite one. These are the shift versions of the comma and full stop buttons. Unfortunately I cannot place the brackets in the blog as the computer will then think it is the beginning of a piece of code. As such I will use square brackets to demonstrate ie [ and ].

There is a bit of a convention that when one quotes something another commenter says one puts it in italics. So we will begin with italics:

To italicise something (remember to use pointy brackets not square ones):

Put [i] Then type or paste the comment from your opponent or friend followed by [/i].

You can also make things bold with [strong] and [/strong]

Blockquote: [blockquote] and [/blockquote]

The last clever thing people like doing is links with red words instead of the web address of the link. This requires [a href=”insert the web address you want to link to”]then here type the words you want as the link followed by[/a].

Okay the above has caused problems so we will take it bit at a time:

First type [a href=”
Then paste the web address you want followed by “]
Then type the words you want to be in red
Finally type [/a]

Is that any use? I am happy to revise it if it helps and within reason will try to conduct further explanations using email if needed.


  • Framer

    [a href=”insert the web address you want to link to”]then here type the words you want as the link followed by[/a] – is incomprehensible.

  • Limerick
  • Limerick


    It works well.

  • Turgon

    Yes I know but follow it bit at a time. Start with [a href=”

    Next put in the web address you want followed by “]

    Then type the words you want to be red
    Finally [/a]

  • between the bridges

    Or just say what you want to say and be done! As for the ‘red words’ if you follow every (often spurious to say the least) link on slugger you would have no life! At least if you just copy the link others have some expectation of what the link might be!! Rant over

  • Mark

    Nice gesture Turgon …..

  • Alias

    Framer, an example of a “web address” (URL) is http://www.sluggerotoole.com – make sure to add the http:// and change the [ to as Turgon explained.

    The “then here type the words you want as the link followed by” means a word or sentence that is hyperlinked (and shown as the highlighted red) to another document.

    So, for example, the HTML code of Limerick’s “test” is [a href=”http://marcella.dreamwidth.org/5248.html”>Test[/a]

    Red apple on the desk, please.

  • All this is far too complicated for me. I have never done links, italics or bold type.
    But surely being on Slugger is very cool.
    Most people are very impressed……but I tell them Im Drumlins Rock. 😉

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    I’ll try … Mick sent me a thing ages ago with loads of rules of what to do but I’m really rubbish at remembering any of it or being arsed to look it up. But I will try!
    I have a very basic work-related blog on WordPress and doing italics, bold etc on it is easy – little icons come up and you just click on those. Not sure why Slugger’s harder. Could have sthg to do with Slugger having 1,000,000 times more traffic than my work blog.

  • Billy Ghoti

    Phew …….. at last

    So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong!

    Thanks ……….. BG

  • Turgon,

    You don’t have to use “strong” for bold. Maybe it’s different here but I just need to use “b”. Also, if you want to strikeout something, use [del] and [/del].

  • Drumlins Rock

    thanks fitzjameshorse they do say imitation is the best form of flattery

    did that work?

  • Mick Fealty

    Can I suggest too that if you want a picture you register and upload it at gravitar.com?

  • “All this is far too complicated for me.”

    fjh, if I can do it, anyone can do it – and I do it hereand here 🙂

  • lamhdearg
  • Drumlins Rock

    well FJH is 266 yrs old, so might be a bit much for him 🙂

    Have your read “Where is Sarsfield Tomb” fitzy? I see Nic White has a bit of the old Norman Blue Blood too.

  • Nevin, I will never give in to the pressures of the Internet.
    I am a maverick.
    Well Drumlins Rock when I say Im a blagger (or blogger) people often say “are you on Slugger O’Toole?” and I usually deny it.
    Yes Ive seen the Live Journal post and Ive made a couple of comments.

  • Quicker:

    Have a file on your desk-top (mine is “HTML links”). Use it as a clipboard.

    The file has the usual codes, lifted from a tutorial site such as this one.

    Meanwhile have two browser windows or tabs open (one for Slugger, one to access the web-sites you are hyperlinking).

    Then it’s simply CTRL+c, CTRL+v or CTRL+x to cut and paste web-addresses from the toolbar.

    After months of sweat you find even easier the routine of:
    ¶ left-pointing fleche (arrow-head, what Turgon-the-Wise calls “pointy brackets”)
    ¶ a is for anchor
    ¶ href is for hypertext reference
    ¶ the site you are linking, inside double quotation marks
    ¶ right-pointing fleche
    ¶ text you want to see in the post, no quotation marks
    ¶ close anchor with left-fleche + slash-a + right fleche

    It goes without saying you’ll find it easier if you live in the Mac environment. Even so, I only get it right twice out of thrice.

    Which is why I miss the editing preview box.

  • Out of interest, let’s see what we are allowed to do round here.

    In theory, the following should change the text size and the colo(u)r —

    Goodbye, cruel world!
    It’s not easy being green.

  • Hmmm. There are limits to freedom, even in Slugger.

    We cannot use style and colo(u)r.

  • Granni Trixie

    Good idea Turgon – always interested in learning new things. .

    Now any chance you could explain the “card” system on Slugger (I was quite pleased once to get a yellow card (Alliance colour,geddit).

    To sporty interested people the colour of cards are obvious but not to everyone.

  • Neil

    Nice of you Turgon. I’d only add that to embolden I use [b]bold[/b]. Maybe some reason why that’s not ideal.

  • Framer

    Thanks Alias and Turgon. Got it on about the 6th attempt.

    [a href=http://marcella.dreamwidth.org/5248.html>]red apple[/a]

    but when I cut and paste it here it disappears.

  • To revert to Neil @ 10:25 am, I gather some (older?) browsers may have problems with [em] and even [strong].

    Unless I hear advice to the contrary, I’m sticking with [b] and [i].

    A voice tells me that [em] and [strong] are logical tags, while [b] an [i] are just to make layout look nicer. To which I respond “Huh?”

    Anyway, I’m fully aware I use emphasis and italics far too often, and so all too often forget to close ’em.

  • Alias

    Framer, here is a link to an image with the correct HTML code. Just copy what you see there, changing the green text to the URL that you want to link to and the red text to the name of your link, while making sure not to alter the black text.

  • Local hack

    And how do you go about becoming a contributor?

  • wee buns

    Just lost my italics virginity – thanks Turgon!

  • Pete Baker

    Local hack

    Contact Mick.

    Preferably with a sample post.

    That’s how I got on board.

    Admittedly, it did take a few attempts…

  • Dewi

    The strangest thing is that i could do this stuff 2 years ago…and now I reallly can’t be asked…it’s stupidly complicated.

  • Turgon

    I have always had my doubts about you. I do not think you are sad enough to be a true nerd. You are thus a traitous Lundy to the cause of being sad. ;>)

  • Nevin, I will never give in to the pressures of the Internet.
    I am a maverick.
    … fitzjameshorse1745 12 October 2011 at 12:11 am

    Err, is that not being a luddite, fjh1745. And yes, I too miss the “preview post” facility which used to be available on Slugger and would certainly consider it a refinement should one be added, for it allows one to say exactly what one means to say rather than dashing off a response in the heat of the moment of enthusiasm which delivers more or less than one would have intended …. or may be later be thought and found to be unwise and far too revealing. 🙂

    IT is a spooky world out there but Holywood is looking after y’all, and far better than you will ever be able or enabled to imagine, I’d venture, such is the level of Great Game Play from ITs Non State Actors.

    Here is news of a wannabe top gun, copy cat clone operation on a mission impossible task …. CIA Big Brothers

    And would this be Beta-Testing their 21st Century Network Systems for Blighty Boffin Compatibility with Unlimited Potential to Exploit and Expand with Beta MetaData Mining Minds, Zeroday Vulnerabilities in Intellectual Property Deficiencies? ……. or Yours and Ours?

  • Skinner

    slightly off topic but are we allowed to know what sort of traffic Slugger gets?

  • Ruarai
  • Dont Drink Bleach

  • Dont Drink Bleach