MoD offer compensation to Bloody Sunday families

The BBC are reporting that the Ministry of Defence has offered to pay compensation to the families of those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday.

Following the Saville enquiry and David Cameron’s apology for Bloody Sunday in the House of Commons, the solicitors Madden and Finucane who represent a number of the families wrote to the Prime Minister. They asked the government what steps it was taking to “fully compensate” the families for “the loss of their loved ones, the wounding of others, and the shameful allegations which besmirched their good name for many years”.

The Ministry of Defence has now written to the lawyers saying that it would like to resolve the compensation claims as quickly and efficiently as possible “where there was a legal liability to do so”. The MoD said that it acknowledged the pain felt by the families for nearly 40 years and that members of the armed forces “acted wrongly” and that the government was “deeply sorry”. The sisters of William Nash, one of the victims, have, however, denounced the offer.From the BBC:

Mr Nash’s sisters, Linda and Kate, said they would never accept MoD money.
“It is repulsive, offensive,” Linda Nash said.
“Not now or at any time will I accept money.
“I’ve already told my legal team I want to go forward with prosecutions.”
Her sister Kate Nash said her view was that her brother’s life was “too worthwhile to accept monetary compensation”.
“Nothing can compensate for his loss,” she added.
“He was too precious.
“The only thing that can give me peace is if the perpetrators are brought to justice.”