Metropolitan Police cave on their threat to use the Official Secrets Act…

So the Met’s intended use of the Official Secrets Act has collapsed before it had begun

On reflection no doubt they will come to view it as a spectacularly stupid move, not least because it seems they did not even consult with Dominic Grieve, the UK Attorney General before making the threat… It contrasts with their strangely lax treatment of the initial hackgate lead…

It’s a racing certainty that Mr Greive would have given them pretty short shrift… This one occasion when the right thing to do is also the politically expedient thing to do… Why even Richard Littlejohn, was forced by the Met’s twisted logic to come, and for once, bat for the ‘dreaded’ Guardian..

Remind me again why a free and robust media is essential to the running of an open and healthy democracy?

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  • Rory Carr

    While it might be outrageous and indeed, quite frightening, to contempalte that the latest Metropolitan Chief, Bernard Hogan-Howe was already permitting a slackening of efforts to fully investigate the alleged wrongdoings at News International in line with what certainly appears to have been the policy of his predecessors, it is certainly permissable to speculate that he might somehow have been acting over-zealously to please his patron, Home Secretary Theresa May who like her boss, PM David Cameron will not be over keen to see any harm come to an institution whose support her and her party deeply cherish.

    Fortunately her colleague, Dominic Grieve is baked according to a more astute recipe and realises that a much more subtle path to the minimisation of damage to News International must be followed. But who is in any doubt that followed it will be, whatever of the clamour of our “free and robust media” ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Is that you having the cake Rory, or eating it?

  • Rory Carr

    I suppose, Mick, its more akin to me nibbling at pecks of a cake of my own making which I have placed on show (in your window !)..

  • AGlassOfHine

    Remind me again why a free and robust media is essential to the running of an open and healthy democracy?

    I’m not sure the DFM would share that view,at this moment in time ?

  • UK law can be a strange beast. I may be wrong but it could possibly be a breach of the Official Secrets Act to mention that such an Act exists. Then there are super-injunctions which may prevent reporting that someone has been charged under same Act. Weird and wonderful….

  • Someone is knocking at my door and it’s the middle of the night. arggg………