The latest Boundary Commission News..

The Irish Times summarises the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland’s proposals for Westminster and thus Stormont costituencies.

Based on recent elections, the two parties most likely to lose Westminster seats are the SDLP and DUP.This could result in a Westminster representation of: DUP, seven seats (down one); Sinn Féin, five seats; SDLP, two seats (down one), Independent unionist (Lady Hermon in North Down), one seat, Alliance, one seat.The SDLP is likely to be especially concerned about the proposed Westminster changes as the South Belfast constituency would transfer into the new constituencies of Belfast South West and Belfast South East.This could threaten the seat of the SDLP’s Dr Alasdair McDonnell, who in the previous British general election won what was a longstanding Ulster Unionist seat. He retained the seat in last year’s Westminster poll.While SDLP support would shift into the two new constituencies, it would seem that in Belfast South West Sinn Féin would hold the advantage, while in Belfast South East, Alliance or the DUP would appear to have the best chance of taking this.

The Tele provides more of the detail but I can’t find the Provisional Recommendations on-line –  Can anyone?

H/T to John in the comments – the BBC have a map.

H/T to Andrew Gallagher for a more detailed map.

And the Boundary Commission’s proposals on PDF.