Greenacre ‘slavery’ camp: They knew nothing and were just passing through…

Quite shocking news from Bedfordshire, that a large group of UK, Polish and other overseas citizens have been held captive on a travellers site. Two thoughts worth sharing from this mornings coverage.

One, on Morning Ireland, a local radio news broadcaster noted that no one on the site that had spoken to would admit to knowing anything about it, that they were all just passing through (which of course is likely to have been the case).

Secondly, on the Today programme in BBC Radio Four, Dr Aidan McQuade noted that often the problem with slavery is that people who do know about become so accustomed to it that they don’t see it for what it actually is.

He also made an interesting point that the UK government is lagging behind the Police in their framing and understanding of the problem, often miscasting it as ancillary to the issue of immigration.

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