“And the road that had not been safe for the cyclist seemed strangely safe for the flower…”

Extraordinary work from Malachi…

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  • Local hack

    As a regular cyclist commuter this really does hit home.
    Every day on the roads I come across people who give no thought or consideration to giving me space on the roads. Cars overtake then pull up right in front of you, they squeeze past you at traffic island and once I even got beeped as I moved into the centre of the road to get around a parked car – despite ample room and a signal.
    Buses and lorries can scare the life out of you because some, although not all give you no room whatsoever.
    People talk about the government spending money on extra cycle lanes and provisions for those on two wheels and while that would be great the real message needs to get out that cyclists have as much right as a motorist to be on the road and they need to be treated as equals.

    That said there are also those cyclist who also need to ralise that they have to treat the road and fellow motorists with the same respect and not hog lanes or run red lights.

  • Mick Fealty

    It’s only just sunk in that I used to cross that junction daily on my way to and from work, by bicycle.

  • lamhdearg

    From Holywood Mick?, fit chap, i suppose there was less traffic on the roads then. This and the lady killed at the north road newtownards road juntion, brought home to this cyclist the need to stick tio the footpath, as much as poss.

  • babyface finlayson

    As a cyclist I have to say it certainly doesn’t feel safe out there. I don’t think the stats suggest that cycling here is particularly dangerous, though that is no comfort to this man’s family.
    It is an uphill struggle to get other road users to respect cyclists, but in the meantime some proper integrated cycle lanes and a bit of police enforcement would help.
    I saw a rather aggressive PSNI officer lecture a cyclist recently for riding a red light at a pedestrian crossing ( just by Laverys) , but I have never seen a motorist pulled for the type of harrassment routinely experienced by Local Hack and every cyclist I know.