Ireland unfree…….. shall never be at peace…

On Saturday I paid my first visit to Kilmainham Gaol. All I can say is wow. Is it any wonder we have supposed dissident republicans!!! Is it any wonder we still have young men queuing up to ‘fight for Ireland’!! Kilmainham front to back is a monument and appeal for blood sacrifice. It’s an overtly romantic homage to murder and destruction, and a legitimisation for it in the future. The entire historical narrative of ‘occupied’ Ireland since day dot, the unashamed exaggeration of scale and importance of successive ‘rebellions’, the martyrdom of 1916 (and almost total ignoring of the fact that a World War was ongoing), the sanitisation of the brutal Civil War, etc. It goes on.

The most extreme ‘dissident’ could not produce an exhibition or tour more suited to his needs. Yet this is the work of the statutory bodies of Government!!! When you produce and propagate partial propaganda and spin like this, you have no right to condem those who choose to relive it………. you are responsible! I had a working knowledge of Irelands past and all of its major events before my visit. Directly after my visit I for the first time truly understood why armed Irish Nationalism still prospers. More worryingly to me, I now realise why it will never go away.

Unashamed Ulster Loyalist. Marching band activist and band member for over 25 years. Contributor for the Belfast Newsletter and currently studying History at QUB.