In Tyrone a star is born….


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  • Too hard to tell, Dewi,

    She will have to improve hugely to have a chance of getting to the business end of the competition but she is only 16.

  • keano10

    Seymour she doesnt have to improve at all because The X Factor has nothing to do with talent (as the musical graveyards of most past winners will testify…).

    All she needs is some good PR management and a bit of luck. Talent should’nt matter…

  • Dewi

    Oh dear dear both of you. She’s enchanting.

  • oracle


    I take a completely opposite view to your assertion that “in Tyrone a star is born” for several reasons, firstly i’m quite sure most stars are born out of collapsing dust clouds such as the pillars of creation

    But Pete would be the expert on this not I .

    Secondly as teenage singers practicing in their own bedrooms go this girl is only just above average, and whilst I have admiration for the control of her vocal tones on low notes, let’s face it this girl couldn’t reach a high note with a window-cleaners ladder, so there’s no shiny bright thing in Tyrone other than tractor chrome.

    Keano is a million percent accurate this show is about personality and poxy nationalism with the show makers deliberately covering all the angles to grab an audience who may be willing to pay at a later stage via extortionate phone charges.

    The final selections will have the usual suspects, they’ll give over exposure to people who wont be represented at the final shows, Pensioner’s, Chinese, and disabled people and the mentally insane in the early shows to cover their arses but the final list will be close to this.

    An Irish act
    A Scottish act
    A welsh act
    A London act
    A North east act
    A Liverpool act
    A West Country act
    A Gay act (or several)
    A Black act
    A Bimbo act
    A Himbo act
    A Sweet sixteen act
    A Tear jerk act
    A Joke act

  • Rory Carr

    Well I also thought that she was absolutely wonderful and I do not believe that whatever X Factor policy dominates can in any way change that simple fact. The judges clearly agreed as did a huge following on YouTube many of whom seem to think that, such was her impact, she is already practically certain to be a walkover in the finals.

    As for the quality of her voice – she was an absolutely refreshing change from the female belters that have dominated the series to date and Oracle’s nonsense about her high notes is completely contradicted by the looks of sheer awe on the judges’ faces at the beautiful ethereal timbre of her effortless rendition proving that we do not have to shout to be heard.

    I did notice some nasty little “She’s not Irish – she’s from Northern Ireland” spoilers interjected into the YouTube comments page by sad little loners eaten up with identity-crisis angst. They seem threatened by the very idea that someone from Tyrone, so clearly appealing to the British public, might be identified as Irish. The only effect of their effort however was to have themselves identified as nasty little plonkers. Perhaps it is that they recall another young sweet, soft-voiced Devlin girl from the County Tyrone whose charm and honesty also brought Northern Ireland to the attention of a world-wide audience.

  • oracle

    Well rory i was giving her a by-ball for her age…. but if you watch her again only just listen to the voice its like listening to someone singing whilst breathing through an aqua lung.

  • oracle

    you’re obviously falling for the “nationalistic our wee country crap”

  • Rory Carr

    Hardly. If that was the case I would be just as likely to be charmed by some yodelling FP cleric or by Fergal Sharkey or by Hugo Duncan, the JCB driver’s favourite.

    While Janet Devlin’s nervousness was obvious in the opening bars it was the quite unique quality of her breathing and phrasing that made her such a hit. Listen and watch the faces of the judges at 8minutes in and then think what this girl can do in a recording studioo.

  • andnowwhat

    I wish the wee girl well but not too well. By that I mean that her profile becomes significant enough that a decent record comp[any signs her up rather than getting so far that she is signed up to Cowell where she will be doomed to, if she is lucky, doing an Iceland ad or making it in to the CBB house.

    I thought she was a bit hard on Gortin BTW

  • wee buns

    She blew me away, which doesn’t happen often. I would be apprehensive though about how ‘the biz’ will try to mould her into what they see as more commercial & ‘sexy’, but hopefully she can manage to stay grounded, then it won’t warp her.
    A plethora of technically excellent & mature female artists like Aquilera, Stefani, Lopez etc – do not hold a candle to this girl in terms of emotive quality of a vocal. That cannot be taught or learned, but is an innate quality, and rare.
    The way she described her home place as ‘blatant countryside’ made me smile as I’m sure for the majority of spectators such colloquialism was as fresh to the ear as her singing.

  • ayeYerMa

    She was great. Reminds me of Lene Marlin due to having a distinctiveness to her voice.

    PS: Leave your political shite out of it Rory Carr.

  • grandimarkey

    Every time there’s an Irish contestant on a reality TV show they normally do quite well. They have an entire island voting for them while the English contestants are split over various regions.

    I think this girl might do pretty well though, mind we haven’t seen the others yet.

  • Rory Carr

    …er, I don’t know if you had realised, Grandimarkey, but the population of England is rather larger than that of Ireland which rather upsets the reasoning behind your remarks on voting. Besides which it does not follow that viewers will vote for an act they do not like simply out of national or regional loyalty. If that was the case a Londoner would win every time.

    Oh, and, AyeYerMa, I was commenting upon the “political shite” that so absorbed the’ wee norniron’ mob on YouTube, so perhaps you might address your remarks in that direction.

  • oracle


    Errr…um how do i say this….

    A scottish guy call Leon won this same competition a few years back, the guy hadn’t a note in his head… he was fuckin crap

    Sony cancelled his contract he was so bad, so you argument is in tatters it was purely votes from scotland that won for him

  • Dewi

    oh come on Oracle….celebrate a wonderful Tyrone girl!

  • ayeYerMa

    Rory, usually Youtube comments are 60% abuse so that video is actually fairly good going considering the overwhelming praise – by Youtube standards they’re also fairly civilised comments and not worthy of mention.

    ( Now I didn’t want to go here, but perhaps you can solve the source of the problem for good by telling your southern politicians to do something about the “have our cake and eat it too” attitude in the 26 counties where “Ireland” is one minute the 26 county state when it suits, and then the next minute the island – now what does that say about who has the “identity crisis”?! I’m sure that people of all political persuasions in NI will overwhelmingly agree that the former definition is unauthentic and nothing but a jingoistic symbol of De Valera’s misplaced ego )

  • latcheeco

    Feck Yall,
    She was awesome!

  • oracle

    Jesus Dewi I don’t have any problems with the girl i wish her the best but please keep it in perspective she’s just average.
    It’s because she’s slim and pretty and young that most people are getting carried away, if she was fat old and ugly there wouldn’t even have been a thread about her

  • Rory Carr

    I do not recall Susan Boyle as being particularly slim or pretty, Oracle,although I appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and she may have so appealed to you, but she almost certainly would not have been thought of as young even by an old galoot like me. She did however receive the most enormous attention on the web from her very first appearance and, although I am unable to turn anything up, I should not be at all surprised that she received a mention or two on Slugger.

    And, despite her name, she is not even Irish (much less Northern Irish, which the lovely, talented, absolutely delightful Janet Devlin most certainly is and therefore more than qualifies for a thread on Slugger (and anywhere else she cares to if I have my way).

  • Dewi

    Hmmm average – I think not – but each to his own…

  • Rory Carr


    I think that Sammi from North Wales is likely to give Janet Devlin a run for her money. Such a genuine talent wrapped in such a warm and endearing personality who at the same time happily contradicts Oracle’s churlish observation about body image.

    Even though this video doesn’t do her performance full justice, audience response says it all.