Slugger’s guide to A level results day and the best degrees still available through Clearing

Welcome to Slugger’s guide to the best degrees in the UK still available through the Clearing system. All of which start in Autumn of this year. We’ve tried to tailor the following list to the topics most discussed on here- politics, law, journalism, economics, and philosophy. If there are any others you’d like us to keep an eye on for you feel; free to comment below or email me at [email protected]

In a day dominated by emotions and photos of blonde triplets in vest tops getting into Medicine on the front page of every other newspaper, it’s easy to get caught up in the hysteria of it all. But if you didn’t get the grades you’d been hoping for or, for whatever reason, things didn’t work out as planned- read on.

Last year 27% of all students beginning undergraduate courses had found their place through Clearing and it’s expected that this number will increase dramatically this year as students try to grab a degree before tuition fees shoot up.

The following degrees are all from the top 50 universities in the UK (according the Times rankings) and are still available to start in Autumn of this year.


Edinburgh (ranked 14th in UK)- Graduate Entry Law

Cardiff (ranked 26th in UK)- Law BA

University of East Anglia (ranked joint 28th in UK)- Law BA

Kent (ranked 39th)- Law BA

Dundee (ranked 41st)- English and NI Law BA

Dundee (ranked 41st)- Scottish Law BA

Essex (ranked 43rd)- Law BA

Essex (ranked 43rd)- Law and Philosophy BA

Essex (ranked 43rd)- Law and Politics BA inc. A year abroad



Queen Mary, University of London (ranked 36th)- Politics and History BA

Queen Mary, University of London- Politics and Economics BA

Kent (ranked 39th)- Poltics BA

Essex (ranked 43rd)- Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA

Essex- International Relations BA inc year abroad

Goldsmith, University of London (ranked 45th)- Politics and History BA



Cardiff (ranked 26th)- Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies BA

Kent (ranked 39th)- Journalism BA



Kent (ranked 39th)- Social Sciences BA

Kent- Conflict, Peace and Security BA

Essex (ranked 43rd)- Sociology with Human Rights BA



Cardiff (ranked 26th)- Economics and Management Studies

Cardiff- Business Economics

Queen Mary, University of London (ranked 36th)- Politics and Economics BA

Queen Mary, University of London- Economics BA

Essex (ranked 43rd)- Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA

Hull (ranked 44th)- History with Economics BA

Hull- International Economics BA

Kent (ranked 39th)- International Economics plus a language BA


All information correct at the time of going to print. Whilst the above information is intended as a general guide, for the most accurate listings of courses you are advised to check up to date Clearing tables with or or to contact the university in question directly. For more advice on decisions regarding results and university please contact the UCAS helpline run by the UK Department of Education on 0808 100 8000.