“We were painting out political statements…”

The North Belfast News provides an example from the New Lodge area in north Belfast of what happens when “the guerillas” become “the people in power”, and are “pilloried as ‘traitors’ by their young challengers”.

From the North Belfast News

The day after the clean-up fresh graffiti was daubed on the walls in the Carlisle area of the New Lodge.

The slogans included ‘Oppose British Internment’, ‘Free Marian Price’ and ‘Support the POWs’.

“We were painting out political statements and they started shouting abuse. They started accusing of us of being touts and scumbags,” said Paul O’Neill.

“Let’s be clear, we have no objection to people voicing their political beliefs, what we do object to is small, unrepresented groups holding the whole community to ransom.”

I think he meant unrepresentative.  Although the report also notes

North Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said he shared the sentiments expressed in the graffiti but daubing the message on walls was not the way to express it.

Really?!  All of them?