Charity distances itself from commemoration of IRA terrorist

The News Letter is reporting controversy surrounding an event to remember an IRA terrorist who accidentally blew himself up when the mortars he was taking to Pomeroy RUC station for an attack on it exploded prematurely.

The event (a tug of war tournament) in Seamus Woods’ honour is to be held at Pomeroy Plunketts GAC. Posters advertising it claimed that proceeds from the event would go to the Marie Curie Cancer Foundation. The charity has, however, distanced itself from the event with the News Letter reporting it as stating:

“We were not aware of this event, have no involvement and were unaware that our logo was being used to promote the event,”

Jim Allister said Marie Curie was being “abused” by the organisers of the event.

“Woods was an IRA terrorist killed when mortars he was preparing for an attack on Pomeroy RUC station prematurely exploded,”
“Marie Curie is a very worthy charity which does a great deal of good work. It should not be abused in an attempt to bring a veneer of respectability to a celebration of terror.”

Sandra Overend the local UUP MLA said:

If republicans wish to commemorate the evil deeds of Seamus Woods then I for one do not believe that the good name of Marie Curie Cancer Care should be sullied by being used to publicise the event,”
“Furthermore, if the GAA is trying to de-politicise itself and make meaningful efforts to engage with other communities, then it would need to ensure that terrorist commemorations are not permitted in GAA premises.”

Cookstown Sinn Fein councillor Cahal Mallaghan defended the event saying:
“Seamus was a member of the Pomeroy community and it is important for his friends and family to remember him every year.” He did not, however, comment on the issue of the use of the Marie Curie name and logo.