Orangemen join UUP Leader in opposing free expression in local press

Civil liberties for all, just not in a Fermanagh newspaper. The UUP Leader, Tom Elliot, has joined the Fermanagh Orange Order in demanding that the Impartial Reporter editor remove a weekly columnist. Mary Lynch, sister of Sinn Fein MLA Sean Lynch, has been writing a weekly column in the local paper, much to the angst of Mr. Elliot and the Orange Order, who have written to the paper demanding she be removed as a columnist.

Tom Elliot told the Irish News that for Mrs Lynch “to have an open platform through [the Impartial Reporter] is not helpful to broader society.” (my italics.)

Editor, Denzil McDaniel, is clearly not impressed, stating:

I have no difficulty in people expressing opposition to Mary Lynch’s column….However, I would draw the line on those who don’t like her column calling for her to be removed from the paper. That is censorship and an affront to the right of freedom of expression.