What about us…

Without getting too technical and ignoring the folks on the hill for now, what are the economic senarios for Northern Ireland over the coming months and years?

We all know things are 99% beyond our control at present, wedged between the UK and Euro Zone which is the bigger risk to us?  if one falls will the other follow?

If (or as many think When) Ireland defaults, will the domino effect hit NI harder than elsewhere? or can we piggy back it on the UK as usual?

What are the implications for ROI own resources, such as NAMA property, the NIE grid and cross-border industries?

Finally is there any way of NI taking advantage of the situation?

I’m no expert on any of these issues and would like to hear other viewpoints, to date I follow the BBC and Politics.ie to try to keep some track of events, but sometimes it seems they are reporting entirely different stories, so I would like to invite the Sluggerites to fill in the gap somehow!

I’m a progressive traditionalist, liberal conservative, left wing captialist, free thinking fundamentalist, am too fond of playing devils advocate for my own good, and a fondness for the occasional shock comment, put all that together with a tendancy to drop in the odd risky one-liner(occasionally even funny ones) would lead me to issue the appeal not to take what I say too seriously.