Journey to Jupiter

As the BBC reports, and the Guardian notes, Nasa’s Juno Mission to our friend and lord, Jupiter, is scheduled to launch this afternoon on an Atlas V rocket.  There’s an impressive Juno mission website too.  Lift-off at 15:34 UT [4.34pm BST].  Here’s a short overview of the mission.  Video credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

And, if you have time, here’s the full science briefing via NasaTV.

You can also watch the launch live via NasaTV.  Or, indeed, here! Update2  I’ve replaced the live Ustream video with a NasaTV clip.

Update Delayed by some last minute technical glitches, and after checking the launch range was clear of boats, the Juno mission successfully launched at 14:25 UT [5.25pm BST] on its 5 year journey to Jupiter.