Chaos on Europa

And that could be a good thing. [Image credit: Nasa/JPL. Image reprocessed by Ted Stryk].  As a BBC report notes, Nasa scientists have published their latest thinking on the chaos terrains of Jovian satellite Europa. [All hail our friend and lord, Jupiter! – Ed] *ahem*.  It suggests that the “chaos terrains form above liquid water lenses perched within the ice shell as shallow as 3 kilometres”.  Here’s a cross-section view through the surface of Europa showing the suspected “Great Lake.”  [Image credit: Britney Schmidt/Dead Pixel … Read more

“a special perspective of our role and place in the universe…”

Three weeks into its journey to our friend and lord, Jupiter, Nasa’s Juno spacecraft has taken a look back at its home planet [on the left] and its natural satellite, the Moon.  [Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech] From the Nasa press release “This is a remarkable sight people get to see all too rarely,” said Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. “This view of our planet shows how Earth looks from the outside, illustrating a special … Read more

Journey to Jupiter

As the BBC reports, and the Guardian notes, Nasa’s Juno Mission to our friend and lord, Jupiter, is scheduled to launch this afternoon on an Atlas V rocket.  There’s an impressive Juno mission website too.  Lift-off at 15:34 UT [4.34pm BST].  Here’s a short overview of the mission.  Video credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. And, if you have time, here’s the full science briefing via NasaTV. You can also watch the launch live via NasaTV.  Or, indeed, here! Update2  I’ve replaced the live Ustream video with … Read more