Kevin Lynch Memorial Parade, Dungiven, 31st July 2011…

Illegal bass drum image as used by a RFB
The bass drum of Spirit of Freedom Flute Band

Pictured are ‘The Spirit of Freedom’ Republican Flute Band, Derry, as on parade last Sunday (31st July 2011) in Dungiven. The parade was notifed as being orgainsed by the Kevin Lynch Memorial Flute Band. Along with this overtly paramilitary bass drum, other features of the event included the chanting of ‘I. R. A.’ prior to tunes by one band, and the blatantly deliberate routing of the parade past the towns only Presbyterian Church (several alternative and more logical routes were available). The notification to the Parades Commission stated that 19 bands would be in attendance and that the event would begin at 2pm. Both counts were ignored, with only 7 bands on show and after 2.30pm before the event got underway. For reference- The Parades Commission Code of Conduct can be found here.