POTD – Life is a carnival

The sun shone yesterday at Botanic Gardens when the Beat Initiative held an event “Life is a carnival” to showcase their abilities along with a specially commissioned aerial spectacular. There were puppet making workshops throughout the day and participants took part in a puppet parade around Botanic gardens before the finale. There were walkabout performances around Botanic gardens as people took in the sun and enjoyed their picnics they had been told to bring along. When the crowd was asked to show their hands in support of the event, the majority were in favour of the carnival holding the event at Botanic gardens as opposed to the city centre. I would be in support of it too. The Lords Majors parade is past it’s sell by date and a change of venue could breath new life into the staid event.

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  • Hmmmm problems with the Lords Majors Parade

    That must be a new parade LOL

    A wee bit of sour grapes about the Lord Mayors Parade maybe because Beat Intiative didnt get it this year ?

    Quote from another of your posts

    “pictured yesterday in the grounds of City Hall after his parade which was organised for the first time by the award winning Ethnic Arts organisation ‘Arts Ecta’. The decision by the Council to award the running of the parade was a surprise to the rest of the arts community (and dare i say it, a slap on the wrist) to the Beat Initiative who have been the incumbent organisers for a number of years. Judging by yesterdays parade and party in the grounds, i would not be surprised to see the Beat Initiative back at the helm for next year’s parade.”

  • For once john you might be right (but only partially)
    I’m not speaking out of turn when i say that there is certainly a schism between the two organisations because of the decision to award the lord mayors parade to Art Ecta.
    Makes no odds to me either way but i am aware of all the people who work year round, and have done so for a number of years, providing skills and increasing abilities across Northern Ireland. The Lord mayors parade is a fraction of the work the Beat do. I hope that sense will prevail and that the Beat Initiative will be back at the helm of the parade soon after “their slap on the wrist” so that their unique skills build up over 20+ years are put to good use and not lost to a fledgling enterprise that is not properly equipped to do the job in my opinion

  • sonofstrongbow

    The rivalry between Arts Ecta and the Beat Initiative is shaping-up nicely. Only one solution – fight!

    Aggressive juggling versus violent puppet making, psychopath mime artists pitched against high-kicking stilt-walkers supported by massed tuneless drummers on one side and a sports-whistle orchestra on the other.

    Everyone will be funded by the ratepayer; as the Bible (probably) says: the minimally talented will inherit the earth. Result!

  • impartiality

    If it makes no odds to you why do you keep saying you hope Beat get it again – lets hope Art Ecta get the chance to improve on this years

    Maybe its worth finding out the costs for Beat – VFM

  • Scáth Shéamais

    The organisation’s called ArtsEkta.

  • It appears that this event was to mark the year till the Olympics begin though that is only apparent after the event