POTD – Everyday Orange

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  • keano10

    Will this everyday orange get into hot water…?

  • pippakin

    Unless I’m much mistaken the hot water goes into this orange…

  • wee buns

    16 cm or 16 inches…..size matters.

  • Rory Carr

    With the ruler placed beside the hot water bottle this looks for all the world like an evidentiary photograph taken by a forensics team photographer at a crime scene.

    If this was the murder weapon I am sure glad that you did not show us any shots of the victim.

    Beaten to death with a hot water bottle – Jeez !

  • al

    I was always told that a ruler is should be called a rule. A ruler controls a country perhaps in the way that the Orange half was once the ruler of NI now they’re slightly battered and aged.

  • Nunoftheabove

    The smell of a HWB full of hot water never leaves you; zooms you right back to the cold winter evenings of the childhood in a heartbeat.

    Had a few of those kinds of rules snapped across my hand at school too but they weren’t as bad as the ridged steel ones the teachers graduated into in time….

  • sonofstrongbow

    I have no idea what a “ruler is” is, nor for that matter an “Orange half”, but it must be mighty damn important if one has to be “always” told about it.

    No doubt usefully informative, though it strikes me that it would get a little tedious over time.

  • Nunoftheabove,

    My childhood hot water bottle didn’t smell. It was made of china.

  • Rory Carr

    It should of course be called a rule. It would seem that I was not always listening on those occasions if and when the teacher made the distinction. But I am not so sure that our everday reference to this item as a ‘a ruler’ was ever corrected by a teacher (at least I do not recall ever hearing one make that distinction) and that I ever heard of it being called ‘a rule’ other than by building tradesmen such as bricklayers and joiners after I had left school.

    Anyway the other item is definitely a hot water bottle – do I get marks for that? Fifty per cent should be enough for a pass.

  • The nuns that beat us on the arms with them never referred to them as other than rulers. And a bricklayer wouldn’t have used such a small one. He would have used a yardstick.

  • My foot is 12 inches but I don’t use it as a rule. (clean version)

  • Nunoftheabove


    …..and did ‘your’ nuns, do it, as it were, sideways or flatways ? Sure it never did ye any ‘arm anyways….

  • wee buns

    This picture caused me to go……measure a standard hot water bottle.
    And it is as I suspected: odd.
    Either it is titchey (16cms – for a baby’s pram?)
    Or enormous (16 inches – for a large beast…veterinary purpose?)
    Or the rule is not standard.

  • wee buns

    nuns use the edge on the back of bare legs
    Achh never done us no harm sure ;D

  • Nunoftheabove

    wee buns

    …aye, as I recall the more zealous of the nuns referred to that particular maneuver as the missionary position 😉

  • Nunoftheabove,

    I have described my experience previously at the receiving end of gratuitous violent assault at the hands of one particular nun so I won’t repeat it. If you are really curious you should find it in the archives along with my confession that I and my sister-in-law, who was in the same class, danced on her grave.

  • carl marks

    Joe i don’t know wither to laugh at the thought of you and your sister in law dancing on a dead nuns grave, or be upset that as children some of us were treated so badly by those supposed entrusted with our care that such a tango seemed the right thing to do.

  • How long is the platypus?

  • wee buns it’s a lickle ickle hot water bottle 🙂
    As the regards the tangent of corporal punishment over the years i was punished with a variety of implements, the classic bendy cane (by far and away the sores) a butter patter, a hockey stick, slippers and the ubiquitous rule.

  • carl marks

    Mooch you must have went to very well outfitted school or had more imaginative teachers, all we got was a loaded strap and the duster and I can assure you no hockey sticks, the Christian Brothers would have had a fit if they seen one of those.

  • two separate schools carl, the butter patter was fairly traumatic as a 10 year old for not getting your fecken tables right!

  • carl marks

    butter patters,rulers,straps canes, dusters, hockey sticks,public humiliation’s and buggery.
    Who the feck did these people think they were

  • pippakin

    Far be it for me to defend the bloody nuns and brothers, shudder! but its worth remembering that corporal punishment was the norm until relatively recently. It was the excessive enthusiasm and zeal some of them put into punishment, those nuns and brothers really knew how to exercise their sadistic tendencies.

  • the two schools i attended were C of E btw

  • pippakin


    Oh yes, they were not far behind, and don’t forget if no other weapon was within reach there was always the good old standby of banging two children’s heads together, shaken baby syndrome??