Best of #Hackgate commentary (5)

Here’s the latest highlights in a story that just keeps moving:

–       Jeremy Hunt caught on a political hook over ‘fit and proper’ issue

–       James Murdoch, the invisible mogul

–       A good day for Ed Milliband

–       Milliband spoke for Britain (who’d have thought it?)

–       Cameron falls in behind Labour motion

–       Might ultimate effect be that News Corp disposes of UK print operations?

–       Murdoch Phone-Hack Scandal Moves Closer to Wall Street Journal Chief

–       If Rupert Goes, Is Chase Carey the Next News Corp CEO?

–       Why did Number 10 let Andy Coulson through the front door?

–       Rupert Murdoch is a paper tiger

–       Murdoch and his minions lowered the tone of Britain’s tabloid press

–       Fleet Street is becoming a luxury for Murdoch

–       Shareholders sue News Corp for failing to take early action on phone hacking scandal

–       A long goodbye from La Roi du ‘Sun’…

–       Cameron, Coulsongate will sap his personal credibility, and popular appeal, but

–       Sky bid sent to competition regulator

–       News International papers targeted Gordon Brown

–       What Orwell really thought of the News of the World…

–       James Murdoch Could Face Criminal Charges In Phone Hacking Scandal

–       Don’t let the politicians turn the UK press into an US-style lapdog of the Establishment

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