Reminder: BBC Trust consultations into BBC News Channel, BBC Parliament and 5 Live/Sports Extra end soon

BBC Trust logo on wallQuick reminder that the BBC Trust’s public consultations about BBC News Channel, BBC Parliament, Radio 5 Live and 5 Live Sports Extra finish in the next few days.

Each service provided by the BBC is reviewed at least once every five years. The online surveys will pick up your views on everything from news, rolling coverage of breaking events; the balance between local, national and international news; coverage of politics and political parties across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; Westminster, devolved parliaments and the European Parliament; Democracy Live website; sports commentary and punditry.

There’s a strong chance a lot of Slugger readers will have some views – positive and/pr negative – to contribute!

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  • lamhdearg

    keep bbc2 bbc3 and bbc4 t.v. and radio/radio ulster(regional radio) and the news channel maybe late night bbc1 radio, and they can put the rest in the bin with ruberts news of the world, but the reverse is more likely.ohh and keep iplayer for the f1.

  • Dewi

    Just waiting to see Murdoch’s input…

  • lamhdearg

    ruberts work is all around us. the rolling stones have a song about it, guess which one it is.