BBC Trust is looking for your views on BBC News Channel, BBC Parliament and 5 Live/Sports Extra

BBC Trust logo on wallSlugger readers will be delighted to know that the BBC Trust is currently reviewing the service licences for BBC News Channel, BBC Parliament, Radio 5 Live and 5 Live Sports Extra.

Each service provided by the BBC is reviewed at least once every five years. You have until mid-July to provide your feedback.

The online surveys will pick up your views on everything from news, rolling coverage of breaking events; the balance between local, national and international news; coverage of politics and political parties across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; Westminster, devolved parliaments and the European Parliament; Democracy Live website; sports commentary and punditry.

Can’t think of anything Slugger covers that isn’t in there somewhere … even NASA launches feature on the News Channel!

The local Audience Council for Northern Ireland (which advises the BBC Trust on behalf of licence fee payers in NI) are also running a number of events to gather local opinion to feed into our responses to the two consultations, including – but not limited to – a discussion event over lunchtime on 20 June (sign-up details on the ACNI website).

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  • johnneydough

    re bbc news …cut out the royal slime content…… stop putting hats on weather fore casters aand sending them to ascot..change the awful smarmy sycofantic way wimbledon is covered..lets have less round and round regurgitation of the same info constantly ..and have some more real and important news and no more plugging pop musoes latest aint news..there are other channels for this trash…j.