Best of #Hackgate commentary (4)

Okay, so the list is getting longer each day, but if you and to get to grips with the  latest on one of the biggest post war stories in UK politics and media, you can surf this lot.

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  • pippakin

    The scandal should stop News Corps BSkyB bid in its tracks. Full stop. If that doesn’t happen then all the fuss will have been for nothing and NI/NC will have got off. Anyone who thinks the demise of the NOTW is a victory has seriously mistaken the man.

  • DC

    They think it’s all over – it is NoW.

  • patio dev

    The link:
    Fraudster squad: Corrupt police and private detectives

    mucking about with murder enquiries seemed to be par! the stench of corruption just keeps coming.

  • pippakin

    I understand OFCOM have been asked to investigate if News Corp are a ‘fit and proper’ person to own BSkyB. It may be that its just a ploy to take the heat off of the tories but it is at least a start.